Returning player impressions and what I think would be better then moon mining changes


Returning player that’s been back for 2-3 months now after about 7 years of not playing. So much has changed. In the past I was pretty much a null sec guy. Now with a kid I just don’t have time to do the big alliance stuff. So I’ve decided to give hi sec a try.

My hi sec time is a mix of moon mining, abyssal sites and level 4 missions. But with that said I’ve been guilty of using a orca as a afk mining jet can. So I can see why CCP did what they did. But I think they missed a opportunity to create content but instead took content away. So my 2-3 months of returning game play and 10 minutes of thought came up with. Basically if I’m going to stay around my sandbox needs more sand.

• Remove 70% of NPC stations.
• Make all corps war eligible again.
• 1k km around a station is concord free zone in .5 systems.
• Station bonus are the same across the board. If anything they should be higher in WH space but same in null and hi sec.
• Orca’s become more killer whale like and less like free whilley. Gains more combat ability on top of its role for boosting. Maybe a large gun with an insane tracking boost since it’s such a big stable platform and fighters.
• Porpoise gains a EW bonus on top of its current role. Dampers/jammers with a big bonus to sentry drones.
• Make the ore belt spawn closer to the refinery for cover from fighters and launchers.

•Ninja mining is now gone as they can be attacked.
•Ganking turns into a brawl.
• Mining permits could now be a real thing.
• Small-Medium sized conflicts become more regular.
• holding a station means something.
• risk matches reward or atleast closer.

I think if we made the changes to the orca and porpoise we might see more low sec operations. But the above just blends hi sec no risk vs risk. Want to solo mine safely warp to the belt for some veld or want to get that ABC ore then warp to joes station and be ready.

Other then that I think it’s time to go back to null. Good ores, better bonus for research, manufacturing, good ratting, better PI and pretty much safer then hi sec. just need to find a pretty casual Corp for a casual gamer with no fleet requirements.

This is enough to make me disregard everything else you’ve said, lmao.

I’ll take opinions from people who’ve been consistently influenced by the game rather than some piece of trash who thinks his 7 year old opinion matters, lol.



Your post is conflicting. It starts bearish,
but the rest doesn’t fit that.

Is this some form of reverse psychology?

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It shows.


To be fair, that’s literally nine minutes and fifty nine seconds more than others put into it.

Though he probably only spent a single minute (which would still be more) on this and it just felt like he’s putting ten minutes into it, because he’s not used to actively thinking about things and thus his perception of time got skewed torwards “lots of things happening all at once in my head”, which means time appears to be moving slower.

Maybe I should stop drinking coffee now.


I stand corrected.

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Yeah, this is a… interesting mix of ideas. Some would make highsec more dangerous, others would make it safer and softer. Anyway,

I actually would like to see a reduction in NPC stations. I know it would contribute to more structure spam, but I don’t know why people hate it so much. (1) it’s more content, (2) structures can drop decent loot outside of WH’s (bring an f-ing hauler or two), and (3) I’d rather my enemies be in something I can destroy than something I can’t. Now, I do feel for the FC’s who have to cat wrangle enough guys for a bash, but the rank and file have nothing to complain about. Don’t want to bash? Don’t go. It’s simple as that.

Boo hoo, we have no reason to destroy structures.
—What about this 2 bil in fuel and service modules that dropped?
I can’t fit that in my cargohold.
—Maybe we should bring a haul-
Maybe CCP should give us an incentive to destroy structures; that’s why they need to get rid of asset safety.
—Um, is destroying enemy production capabilities or getting rid of an enemy staging structures in our space not incentive enough?
Did you say something? Sorry, I was writing up a post complaining about citadel spam.

Damn, I was going to go through all your points, but this turned into a rant. Guess I had some things that I needed to get off of my chest.

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