Returning Player LF small gang pvp

Mostly here to do small-micro or solo pvp, played from beta until 2014, love the changes since then and am gunning to get back into pvp. Can fly all t2/t3s for caldari/minnie with maxed support(gunnery, missile, engineer,nav) skills. Not big on structure bashes/cap fights etc… if the blob is the norm for you I am absolutely not interested. I prefer boosted small gangs that move fast (nano is preferred) and cover a lot of territory looking for fights. I dont do PvE of any sort, so dont ask, or offer space to rat, because you might as well be talking another language because it does not compute. If PvE is your focus most of the time, then also not interested.

I work from home and live in the US pacific time zone (seattle) so am able to be on pretty much any TZ as I define my work hours. Externally of the game I am a code monkey (python, c++, Malbolge etc…) and a sound engineer.

I am not a fan of startups, large fleets, or overbearing rules for conduct (if you have to tell people how to play the game then you probably shouldnt have them in your corp, duh, unless you are that desperate for numbers.

As for eve I was a very very proactive member of the IRC/ED coalition during the dronelands war of 09 and before that was constantly joining ANY group that was at war and causing hell to BOB, Atlas, Morsis Mihi, or anything Northern Coalition, Goon, etc… So i got a LOT of experience just all of it way way back when, so their will be a bit before I am fully re-familiarized with the game.

Id prefer to do WH diving than anything else, since I despise local, imo it exists for carebears to run and its potentially the worst mechanism in the game, but thats not going to change so yah, WH are my end goal, though until I train up some alts living in them might be a difficult thing. I would be ok with 0.0 so long as its not with CTAs and sov battles constantly, I cant be bothered to sit for hours bashing structures, or dealing with TiDi.

My name is Nikara and I am looking for a no drama, minimal external app, no cta group to kill stuff with, preferably in Nano, or boosted shield fleets. Not interested in anything even remotely friendly with Goon or its allies, so dont waste your time.

Thanks for your time,
Live Fast, Kill Slow

You Are Welcome With us :slightly_smiling_face:

Small gang fast pvp, chilled and for fun NO WAY FRIGGIN CTAs! Noone gives a ■■■■ and Death to the goons, hahahaha why are you discriving us bro? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
If u want fast pew,pew and small gangs have you tried at all FW? That quite alot of what FW is. Pretty cool. and no dont worry PVE, pfff in 16 years, never done it, never will so… If someone wants to do it, they can go do whatever they like… Anyway…

Police Force for the win, specially now with the new expansion comming have a look… :man_police_officer: :saluting_face:


Check out Holy Hunters -

Hi there. You sound like the kind of people we are looking for. I am a recruiter for Speaker for the Dead in Stay Feral. Stay Feral is our discord link. Hop in there and we would love to chat with you.

Hello, you sound like you’d be a good fit for us at The Order of Omerta. We are a HS/LS Corp looking to hone our pvp skills and grow our community.

We are older gamers in our latter 30s to 60s and enjoy team activities and don’t like drama.

We are looking for ppl who want to learn or know pvp and pve as well as want to be part of our community. We are looking for ppl who don’t mind joining coms and having fun as a group.

We are into:
Fw, nano/small gang pvp, pve fleets, Jukebox mining fleets, abyssals and more.

If you’re looking for a small right knit group we’re The place for you The Order of Omerta

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