Returning player LFR on highsec L4 Security gun ships

So short version is that I am returning after some 4yrs. I enjoy running L4 security missions in hishsec and I can breeze through them in my Tengu or Navy Raven. I’ve maxed out my missile skills and I’ve been wanting to get into guns \ beams \ lasers, just to do something different. Looking for recommendations or even entire fits to review as I’m learning about guns now vs the missiles. ISK is not an issue, I’m just not familiar with guns, beams, etc…

Also, I have always shield tanked but am not opposed to trying armor tanking. Seems that CCP gifts SP now like crazy so I’ve got enough to learn skills. Thanks in advance! Greatly appreciate it.

Well, for a beginner with turrets, try an autocannon-based setup. Tempest Fleet → Machariel → Vargur.

Autocannons track pretty well, hit decently over all ranges and deliver quite a punch when you are close enough. Also you can somewhat adjust your ammo to the resistance weakness of your opponents. When at max skills, you can just stick to Hail and Barrage.

You should try to keep some distance from the targets to make your guns hit nicely, if small targets orbit you too fast and close, you won’t hit them at all. Best mixture of tracking and damage you get around 1/3rd into falloff. A Vargur with Hail L ammo might get something like 4,5km Optimal + 50km Falloff, so try to keep the enemies at around 20km. And in a Battleship, you will want to kill all the nasty frigs and cruisers first when they are still far away and you hit them well. Don’t let them all come close while you kill the Battleships and then face problems to apply damage when they are all in close orbit around you.

Hope that helps.


Then get the paladin. two LAR, fitted pulse with 2 GC, scorch above 35km, conflag below.

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I’m behind on my Eve slang. GC ?

Garbage Collector.
Great Commander.
Guidance Computer.

And I was wrong, I meant a TC (Tracking Computer) not a GC.

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