Returning Player Looking for a Home

Hi everyone,

I’m an 89m sp returning UK player looking for a home. I have been playing on/off since 2008, but not played actively for a long time so what I haven’t forgotten may well be irrelevant now and I will have a lot to learn/re-learn!

Ultimately, I’m just looking for a friendly group of people to enjoy the game with, and explore what New Eden has to offer these days. In terms of content, I have enjoyed a bit of everything in the past, and have a historic preferance toward sov nullsec but I’m open-minded! As long as the company’s good, there’s isk to be made and pvp fleets to hop onto I’ll be happy!

The Ideal corp for me would be medium-large, well-established, active and balanced corp with a laid-back atmosphere. Strong EU timezone presence and voice-comms are a must.

Please feel free to shoot me a pm if you are a recruiter and want to chat.

Many thanks!


I’m also UK, I’m the alliance fc of celestial empire a null sec based alliance with sovereignty and allies.
I’m driving recruitment on the eu tz atm and would love to chat further with you about a new adventure.
We have comms and discord etc we use teamspeak and mumble for certain coalition purposes. The eu tz guys we have got are all great guys and great fun to be around :slight_smile:

Take a look there maybe it might peak your interest there a bit of everything to be had

Please check us on on Zkill Brotherhood of Spacers | Alliance | zKillboard
If you’re looking for midsized group of players and place to call home B0SS is it!!
Contact me in game or join our discord!

I sent you an in-game message! Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Hej m8, how goes? well seems pretty much that u are looking for a group like us, we take EVE for what it is, a GAME, we are mature and relaxed group of players that like to do stuff toguether from PVE in WH, lowsec anomalies to PVP patrols/roams in lowsec and above all a good chat with the lads and a good laugh, we are friendly and welcoming to newbros aswell so u’ll meet both vets and news alike, I have personally spoken to EVERYONE who ever joined the corp so i can asure there are no smart asses, asshole, power hungry or dodgy childen in the corp, only mature friendly personalities 95% EU based and the US we have play in theyr middaytimes so match with the rest of EU evenings.

Ill leave u the add and well hope to ttys m8. enjoy

Heya! We have a High-Sec based corp with a lot of vets and newbros who require mentorship. I am also a returning player as of late and I feel your pain of confusion.

Our player-based is perfect for your needs as we have mainly EU and US players! Come check us out.


If I was to be looking for the right post that suits what we are in a short and punchy advert this is it!

I am the CEO and founder of FAYN Industries a chilled out group of primarily EU players who enjoy all aspects of the game and understand the value of community. We have players on voice chatting almost 24/7 and even some who come in to talk that have not played for a while, just because they enjoy the community that much.

I am from the UK but play / am active allot, we are established and growing with an aptitude to supporting others, either as newer players or returning veterans.

I am confident that holding a conversation wouldn’t be a waste of your time and you should look to dropping by our channels. You can find more details at the bottom of my recruitment page here


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Sent you a PM in-game.

Please check your in-game mail!

Thanks everyone for your responses, I have found a corporation

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