Returning player looking for a non-bureaucratic NS/LS corporation! [PVP Focus]

I’ve returned back to EVE after a long break, and spent the last two months relearning things and getting back to the groove.

I’m looking for a corp which has good PvP activity in late EUTZ early USTZ. Supplemental ratting opportunities would be good too. It would be useful if you leave some info on what type of PvP your corp does. I personally prefer CovOps style PvP which punches upwards, so that kinda leaves FW out for me.

I’m not looking for super large corporations which want to control every single bit of your things. (e.g. requesting kitchen sink ESI access with no reasonable scopes/boundaries.) If your corporation mirrors a Kafkaesque state entity, I’m not interested.

I’m looking for smaller corporations that value building equal friendships to shoot things and having fun.

Welcome back to Eve. You should take a look at joining The New Federation , which is part of the Shadow Ultimatum Alliance under the Imperium Coalition. There are plenty of opportunities to pvp/rat as you see fit with lots of growth potential to mark your own path. You should drop by our Discord and come see if we would be a good fit.

Fly safe,

Good day and welcome back to Eve!

We are a new corp currently building up in nullsec with a pvp and indy focus. We have plan for black ops fleets and regular roams. I think it is best to just join our discord and talk with us: Hyper Meme Industries

Thanks in advance for your time and fly safe!

Hi Edgar,

We might be what you’re looking for. SCUD Disposable Assassins is a new nullsec PVP corp in a nullsec based new alliance. We’re a small group of people looking to build both the corp and alliance. we do a lot of roams, system defenses, pochven roams, etc. We do also do covops/blackops fleets. we’re also focused on recruiting new and returning players and offer free ships as well as an alliance backed SRP.

We don’t have any kind of mandatory participation as we know real life comes first. If interested check out SCUD Disposable Assassins in game channel -SCUD or our Discord: SCUD Disposable Assassins

Our killboard: SCUD Disposable Assassins | Corporation | zKillboard

You Are Welcome With us, :grinning:

Click here for fun

We do a lot of blops and have content through all time zones. Part of the chaos in the south so less blues and more fighting. We have multiple avenues for pvp.

hi Edgar.

i think we might be a good option.

have a look at our latest rec video and if you like join our discord below for a talk


Small friendly community specializing in blackops style PvP.



We are small but classy :)) and we do have a good piece of space to build up arround it.

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