Returning Player Looking for Corp in Deklein

36 mil Skill pts.

Prior exp was keeping my formers corps assets up and running. Making and making and making fuel cubes, ships, ship modules and ammo. Have lots of blueprints like to be near or on a research station.

Times (weekends and week evenings US Time)

Currently regathering equipment and supplies that are strewn all over the universe due to the last huge war.

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We are a uk based Corp, however being part of LORDE alliance and winter co, we cover all TZ. We do all things pew, whilst also having a large Indy division as well as ratting etc
we aren’t in the space you’ve asked for, however doesn’t mean you couldn’t join.
Join our in game channel brittas empire public or our discord to chat, see where we are and if we can offer some thing.

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Out of town these next few days. Chat with you on Discord in a bit. TY

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