Returning player looking for mature pvp corp

Returning player with 85 mill sp looking for low sec, WH or null sec pvp corp. Not looking for high sec. I am US central time. I have a family and career so don’t expect me to drop it all to go on a panty raid or get kicked. Shoot me a message in game to chat

Welcome back, Rain; it’s a very interesting time to come back to New Eden! I’m Cephelange (Ceph), lead recruiter for Aegis Reforged. We’re a relatively young PvP corp living in the Immensea region of nullsec. We’ve been around for just over a year, but have already established ourselves as a valuable member of the AARP (Already Replaced) alliance.

We have plenty of opportunities for PvP, PvE (ratting/sites), mining, and industry. We’re always on the lookout for folks whose playstyle and goals match ours.

If this sounds even remotely interesting, please check out our recruiting post for all of the details.

I wish you the best of luck in your search, and also hope to hear from you soon.

Hello !

Mentality : learning, taking outnumbered fights and having fun

I am currently in a corporation called : Holy Hunters who lives in C5-C5 which gives great Small gang PvP and good ISK making opportunities. That said, we’re a PVP focused corporation which we use most of our time scanning or rolling for content.

We’re all US time zone, looking to grow up that time zone. We love to take fights, even if we are being outnumbered. We are a social group of people who play other games as well.

Our corp’s goal is to grow large enough to take all fights and defend smaller WH corporation from evictions. If that sounds interesting, here is a discord link :


Plenty of stuff to do with us

Hi there Rain Fellswoop

If you can consider a pvp orientated alliance that operates from Pochven please have a look at our latest recruitment banner below. There you can get an idea of what we do and whatnot

Or you can see our latest vid below

Hope to hear from you


we are a corp located out in scalding pass join our discord and see if we are a fit for you REPZ

Rain Fellswoop we are an older group living in Stain but also access to some bigger fights in Eso, fleets everyday if wanted, various of other high-end content available. Swing by our Discord for chat if interested: STA'IN

Over 14 years and going strong!

TSSOC offers all aspect of Null life, We are a no BS, laid back little family.

Visit our in game channel: “TSSOC Recruitment”

and hop into our discord if you would like to talk

Join the TSSOC Headquarters Discord Server!

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