Returning player, residue.. why?

I completely agree with the OP. I too just resubbed after a long absence and wanted nothing more than to jump in my Orca and have a nice chill session mining away to myself … but it wasn’t to be.

I found that the MANY years I had invested into my mining character build have basically been wasted. I was unable to achieve anywhere close to the yield I was before, but not only that, some ore types have literally had their value stripped from them (Pyro) which makes the whole process of mining to manufacture much more painful. Not to mention … where is the lore? What’s the lore explanation as to why these rocks don’t have the same minerals available as before??

And residue … what a pointless mechanic. I simply don’t understand the move here. The Eve universe is set in a time when technology has advanced ridiculously far, and yet all of a sudden for no reason we start experience losses for no apparent reason according to the lore… it’s just rubbish.

So I’m sorry to say I’ve left again after just 1 day and refunded. When your whole character is built around an industry and that industry is destroyed in one second it leaves a bitter taste. Thanks for ruining something great CCP.

It’s been explained many times. Including in this very thread. You’re only loudly demonstrating how unwilling you are to read, learn, and adapt. It was cool in pop culture in the early 2000’s to loudly boast how stupid and uneducated one’s self is. Now it’s just cringey.


Is there something like an official documentation about the residue handling, or are you refering a CSM’s post 92483 in some thread?

I haven’t seen official documentation for the residue mechanics so far.

Not to mention CCP managed to roll out updates on the test server and provide update descriptions that were totally inconsistent to the actual updates, including “forgetting” to update their test server before claiming to have updated it, so the discussions done at the time the feature was introduced are not representative for things that actually landed on tranquility… w/o having been on singularity before, as CCP once more decided they don’t need a test run which resulted in eve w/o gas, ice and BPOs for the new modules.

How about the triglivians cyberattacked the forces of new eden and broke their miners? In Triglivian Space you still have plenty of minerals in the ore, and CCP claims you can get 100% reproc rate there, too.

Make mining dumber, and increasing botting feasibility. Players don’t bot on their main accounts, those are for interactive play. Botting’s done by alts, so the better it works (in comparisation to player interactive gameplay), the more motivated players will be to create more alts.

Every “Guncannon Miner” will tell you that eve’s turret firecontrol systems are vastly inferior to nowaday’s technology. Likewise. missiles work by far more efficient then their eve counterparts, ECM modules actually increase chances of it’s user surviving… Oh, and the auto-approach/hold-distance/orbit manouvering system is outperformed by litteraly any navigation computer these days. Any. Take your 1960’s first generation plane autopilot and it’ll gently fade into it’s supposed track, while eve will overshot any track for certain, and it’ll overshot harder the more “manouverable” the ship is supposed to be.

We have more efficient “mining”, too. When a resource location is assessed, the amount of recoverable resources is estimated very accurately. The amount and composition of “residue” in the resource is well known to the “miners” before they even start harvesting it, too, so the randomness of the mining process in eve strongly hints the eve survey scanners also have inferior performance. As the quality of survey data is defining the efficiency that mining modules are used at (try drilling for coal in a granite rock w/o knowing there’s granite), the whole resource recovery operation is more efficient, too. We can sharpen a drill or melt it down and recycle it’s material into a new drill, while eve produces no re-usable material at all when melting mining crystals.

Eve isn’t about it’s setting or realism or science-fiction, it’s about giving advantages to players with more accounts. With 10+ barge alts, you won’t bother about residue any more as you wouldn’t have been able to micro all of them anyways. The fact you don’t have enough accounts has created this proplem for you, and the best solution to it is to subscribe more accounts, buy SP packs and get more barges on grid.


Pyroxeres have a lot of Pyerite , which appearently is in high demand these days:

Does it even take that long to fly a perfect Orca, with the magic 14, and perfect tank skills?

If you’re doing the whole “solo AFK in an Orca” thing… then good. Working as intended.

Yup and other ores got much more valuable… adapt or die.

Your effort free mining? Ok. Bye.

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