Mining after Residue Changes

Anyone here still find mining fun?
I don’t get why they took a rather boring feature of the game and made it even more of a chore.
I think I used to enjoy mining until the mining changes, but looking at lost cycles all day long wears on the soul. Just like all the other changes in this game that are designed to take isk out of players wallets, they are actually taking money out of their own wallets.
I can see the mentality of “If they make less isk…they will need to buy more plex” being used here.
But if they keep nerfing the game…who will be left to pay?
Are people still mining after the residue changes?
And if so…why?


I stopped moon mining 3 months ago after prices dropped. Now i do industry and pochven stuff

Oooh, a Mining thread!

Let me tell you exactly what I think about Mining in EVE:




They play the game to have fun some people like building. In today’s EVE you shouldn’t mine JUST TO MINE. Ideally you should mine to build more profitable things.

Actually, there is more ore in new eden then before. If you look these mining changes are coupled with the industry blueprint rework.

I enjoyed solo mining also. I used to haul in pretty good ice hauls from LS. Sadly, CCP just deemed it not so with compression changes and shifted to a more group activity that is done with scale not solo. It has been a trend for some years now.

There are people who do mine in groups making “decent” isk with their ships. Meaning I can join a mining fleet and make uh… something like 50-100mil/hr depending on the moon or belt? + boosts?

The general theme of these changes is to discourage solo play and encourage group play. I find this ok personally some don’t and I respect their views.


Read “Thinking Fast and Slow”, get over your loss aversion cognitive bias, and maybe you’ll find more enjoyment with generating player wrecks in Eve.

Frostpacker does find many activities fun while on adventure within New Eden’s beauty and one of those exquisite recreation escapades happens to be mining.

Thank you for creating a wonderful topic and I am gladly feeling a part of this community even though Frostpacker is still banned from entering the Mining channel.

To b fair the income from mining is not bad.
I can easy make 60mil per toon per hour.
But i make more doing other things

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I do mine once in a while when I run out of things to do and waiting for skills to complete in the queue.
I wouldn’t call myself a miner though: not dedicated to it.
Why? It’s something to do, better than sitting in dock and play that superboring minigame in Project Discovery.
Besides, it’s fun to think that a ship may warp in and shoot my ship while I’m zoning out in front of the screen.

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The amount of ore was doubled, so in reality you are mining about the same as you were before, unless you use t1 equipment with zero residue


Which reminds me. For those of you who don’t know, if you use T2 mining lasers or mining drones on a mining mission, you WILL fail the mission due to residue loss. Only use T1 mining lasers and no drones if you are doing mining missions.


I thought t1 drones were zero residue also

Apparently, there is some kind of bug where if you use drones in conjunction with mining lasers, you lose some ore. So, I don’t risk it. I only use T1 lasers and no drones.

I fleet mine L4 mining missions with Porpoise boost, so using T1 lasers doesn’t really slow me down that much.

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“Still” would imply that at one point it was fun…


I never understood this. Something is… fun but if it makes less isk it’s somehow no longer fun? How does that work? If you suddenly dislike some play style because it makes less isk you didn’t actually enjoy that play style and are lying (to yourself) about it.

Funny thing is ofcourse that with those changes mining got a thousand boosts, and one… ONE mechanic that might mean they lose some yield if they’re afk. And all these grind bears do is whine about the one thing. Not the increased ore availability, mining speed, barge ehp, increased oreholds etcetcetc.

Disgusting miserable NPCs.


I always found it to be acceptable. Kind of fun I guess. I actually don’t mind ice mining at all. Space trucking is an interest as well. I was a pretty good blockade runner. In the end none of that mattered though.

Due to my actual time that I have available and dislike (putting that VERY lightly) toward null alliances, I have usually played solo. To be fair, that time thing usually meant that when I was in a corp I was still solo since others weren’t logged in. Only once was that not true but that corp was disbanded due to not being able to compete with blob warfare.

I find the constant push to get rid of solo players to be foolish in every aspect but also “meets expectations” of both the player base as a whole and CCP’s lack of creativity and/or direction.


There isn’t a push to get rid of solo players though. At worst they just have a lower priority when it comes to changes and balance. And they kind of have to be considering anything 1 person can do can be scaled by 100 players.

this is where balance and tuning needs to come into play… i have no problem using a abaddon/Rohk for lvl 4’s, they are COOL ships that i cna have fun with/jump/snip/move, but the paladin will outpace them in every way and BLOW stuff up faster but i sit afk which while i might have less fun using the paladin…i get more dopamine hits from watching ships blow up faster!!! make it just as fun…but still less isk efficient to not use it…

in other words buff non-marauders more imo so there isn’t such a large gap, but still enough to encourage both styles of play! (BALANCE)

Lol idea that you think balance is ensuring the isk/hr between a golem and an rohk be the same is amazing.


clearly your ignored what i said… (the gap shouldn’t be so large) otherwise you end up with usless ships no one ever uses except fan boi’s

i even said it should still be better…just not so large that marauders the only viable way to go
(think like 20-30% faster/better, not more than 100%)