Mining after Residue Changes

T1 battleships aren’t useless at all.

  • alphas can fly them
  • those who doesn’t have skills to fly marauders can use them to do lvl 4 missions
  • they are useful for pvp fleet as they are cheaper than marauders

It is nonsense to claim that ship which is prerequisite for its improved version is useless because the ISK/H difference in one type of content is whatever. The t1 battleships are supposed to be worse in order to players learning marauders.

That being said, it is common knowledge that marauders are currently overpowered and needs nerf. Which should solve your issue when that happens :wink:

Oh and btw, it is not that long when best lvl 4 mission ship was Machariel. When it was the case players were complaining that marauders aren’t much better. Lol.

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honestly same difference imo if they nerf marauders…it’s closing the gap.

(grabs holy amarrian nerf bat)


Mesolimbic dopamine pathway.

I like steak and chips… Take away the steak and the meal isn’t as appealing.

To think of it another way, slot machines are enjoyable because of the close relationship between “playing” the machine and the reward they can provide. Take away the reward and the experience isn’t the same.

It’s the act of mining in order to receive a reward that is fun, they are intrinsically linked.

Same steak, less chips. Nothing is removed completely.
So it’s the reward that’s fun, not the mining. If it was the mining it would still be fun.

Don’t lie.


Ore was doubled, why u cryin


Mining is fun but only for the right reasons.

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It is the combination of the two. Less chips still makes for a less appealing meal, particularly when other developers are out there in the market offering fine dining!

Answer this.

If you didn’t need any ISK because the game would be completely free including omega and all the ships and modules and w/e, and you didn’t need any minerals either (because again everything is free and available), would you still be mining? (This can be applied to any content EVE offers)

If the answer is no, then you don’t like mining and you are only doing it for ISK. Not that is likely that you will answer this honestly, but this is I think great indication of what is fun and what isn’t.



Not quite. It is a combination of activity and reward.

That is the very spirit of gamification, whether that’s ISK, LP, ore, gas, BPCs, relic salv, loot caches in abyssals / arenas, the loot someone drops from a pvp encounter and the nice killmail you get that you can paste in chat etc. These are all reward systems designed to engage players. Explo wouldn’t feel anywhere near as fun if the salv loot was worthless - indeed data sites have become “boring” for a lot of people because they hold little value nowadays.

You might recognise reward gamification in other games, epics in WoW, unlocked story arcs in FFXIV, pvp currency rewards.

If you’re trying to argue that gamification doesn’t rely almost entirely on rewards and the dopamine hits these create which feel “fun” then you’re just being ignorant of the science out there.

There is a reason why there are devs named CCP Dopamine and CCP Psych. You may not have twigged why they opted for these names, but have a Google around the science, you’ll learn something.

There’s no CCP Loss Aversion in the company so why are you experiencing that psychological cognitive bias?

Realistically they just need to move L3 and L4 missions to low or null only as well as bring back the suspect timer on abyssals launched in highsec.

First time I met an Autralian, a cousin of a friend, we went to Asterix Park for fun and then he asked for “chips”. I thought he meant these:
and I happened to have some in my bag.
But no, he meant these:

He looked so confused when we lol’ed at him.

I’ve read that a couple of times and I’ve still no idea what you’re trying to say. Aware of loss aversion, aware of cognitive bias, but how you’ve strung that sentence together I’m left scratching my head as to what it is you’re trying to convey.

Have another go?

Not just Aussies, here in Euroland, chips are what you get from McDonalds or as a side with your steak etc. Although we do also refer to them as fries from time to time! Crisps are what you eat out of a packet!

Its actually amazing that people assume CCP’s laziness in avoiding making activities fun and simply dumping rewards onto them is some clever, well thought out process.

Its lazy old ass.

If games all required this from the start, I ant 40 years of back rewards from all the games I thought I played for fun but wasnt getting rewarded for.

The problem with mining is that the miners got what they asked for from CCP.

When the final changes were being implemented to mining yields and so on, much wailing was happening, so yield amounts got pumped up - Rorqs are still monsters and exhumers mine not far off what a rorq used to do.

When the end of scarcity happened after much complaint, ore amounts got doubled. Now there is a huge amount of every ore in null, with more than enough ships to grab it all up. So the oversupply compared to demand has tanked the value of ore / minerals / moon goo.

When the residue mechanic was implemented, T1 kit produced the residue and T2 had none. All the miners wailed about the effect on the newbros, so the mechanic got swapped around so residue was applied to T2 kit.

For years now people have complained that there’s no reason to fight over space, yet currently the most valuable mining can be done in lowsec - of which most null blocs can access portions of should they desire to.

Now there are insane amounts of rocks to mine in null, which take forever to mine, can be done at scale with the same rorq balls and have little value as the end result.

I can’t help but wonder what the ecosystem would look like if CCP had just stuck to their guns on the game design. My guess is that things would be in a better place than they are now.

Cough, cough… Pochven

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So Nullsec then, the sec rating people say just has “useless” rocks

Krabs be krabby

Meet your past self:

Your past self liked to talk about how important psychological things are, because there are CCP employees named after it. You even gave a good old-fashioned pretentious “read up on it” reply.

So, since you like cheeky replies, meet your new CCP employee:

There’s just one problem. There’s no employee with that name. Using your educated benchmark for determining importance, that must mean: “Loss Aversion ain’t important!”

If that’s the case:

Because you’re complaining about the perception of unfair loss in some sterile barely-rigorous academic thinking that is a tepid approximation of the actual game discussion at hand.

Never before have I had to explain the sound of a single sentence breezing by so thoroughly.


That’s quite the leap and obviously nonsensical gibberish.

No I’m talking about the reduction in rewards spoiling the enjoyment of the content in much the same way that removing rewards from a slot machine or removing part of an enjoyable meal lessens the experience. That is very much all to do with dopamine receptors.

We can talk about loss aversion though if you like? Above anything else I’d like supercap battles to spring back to life and more often than before, no sense vets sitting on a pile of caps, they are fun to take part in and destroy a lot of resources in the process. I’d also like a return of high risk high reward content, such as super ratting, get the sheep back out in the fields for the wolves to hunt.