Returning player, trying to calc $ cost of buying a character

Ive been away for about 5 years but with the release of Eve Echoes, i decided id like to return to Eve Online too. Echoes is a lot of fun but it just doesnt scratch the itch that the real thing does. I want to spend around $100 for a character. So what will that get me? PLEX prices and format have changed drastically since i last played so im pretty lost here. Id like to come back with a cruiser/HAC/T3 specialist or a Battlecruiser specialist, something along those lines. Something i can join a nullsec corp with and start generating ISK from ratting/anoms.

So, it looks like 100 bucks will get you 2,860 plex, which is worth about 8 bil if you use standing sell orders out of Jita. I’m by no means an expert, but I’d imagine that you could get a toon in the 10 mil SP range rather easy, and could maybe get up to 12 mil or so if you were patient and shopped around.

Of course, I highly, highly recommend that you try recovering your old account(s) if possible. CCP might make you jump through some hoops, but it would probably be worth it.

Another option is to start a new toon, spend $130, and get a year of omega out of the deal. With a default remap, +3 implants, and the 1mil SP bonus from using a recruitment link (yes, this is my recruitment link) , you could get 10mil SP in 6 months -and you’d be able to put it all exactly where you want it. Add in daily login rewards, killing sprees, a better remap (i.e. 27 Perception + 21 Int), and all that jazz, and you can do even better. Moreover, you could pick your own name and avatar (without having to buy a character resculpt certificate).

Anyway, welcome back.

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Thank you! I appreciate the info as well. Unfortunately i sold my old characters or id gladly go back to using them both. By now i assume theyre worth a lot more than i had originally sold them for considering how long ago it was. But this at least gives me a ballpark figure to work off of so i dont feel quite so clueless lol.

If you choose to start a new character you can accelerate their training:

This will give you about 3 million SP at day 1 - most of which you can allocate as you choose. You’ll have $55 left over for Omega time.

An Omega character with basic implants will train 1.5 million SP/month and CCP will give you an additional 150K for simply logging in.

A look at the character bazaar suggests that you’ll likely get 8-10 million SP for your $100 if you go that route - but it’s unlikely that all that SP will be useful for what you want to do. I recommend building your own.

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Yeah honestly, between you and the first person to respond to my post, i think this is a better idea than purchasing a character. It seems like CCP has really accelerated the possible SP a character can build up in a shorter amount of time compared to when i last played. Thank you for the response :slight_smile:

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