Returning Player, What Do?

Not looking for goals. Just a lay of the land. I literally have no idea what’s around and I’m a lazy, jaded grandpa nowadays.

I’m glad that’s still a thing.

I mean you can but noone does anymore.

Tbf Ransoms died with Killmails

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Well in truth structure ransoms is where you get the most isk from now when ransoming people/corps/alliances. :slight_smile:


In case you give hi-sec a try…

You can hunt people who have killrights on their heads:

Not sure if you count as a pirate or an enforcer if you do that though. :wink: :smirk:

You can also suspect bait people for example miners, mission runners, explorers and whatever else by stealing their loot and/or popping their MTUs.

Speaking of MTUs if you are not bored of that minigame you can scan down abandoned ones and blow them up to keep the space lanes clear of navigational hazards, some might have juicy loot in them if you’re lucky.

You can also steal loot from gankers in Jita and elsewhere.

Someone already mentioned ganking itself as an option too. Of which you might try targeting abyss runners who often have blinged fits. Though this probably requires multiboxing or mates to fleet with.

You can also try mining if you really want to. :stuck_out_tongue: :sweat_smile: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Welcome back.
Take a look at the market and see if you like those prices :slight_smile:

Welcome back!

What kind of content would you like to do?

Playing versus other players? Versus NPCs? Piloting your ship? Piloting excel, blueprints and piles of goods?

Playing with other players? Or solo?

What was it that you enjoyed doing last time? And are you looking to do something similar to that, or want to try something new?

Personally I enjoy black ops fleets and other fleet combat in null sec. And my alliance has just entered a new war, so I assume there’s going to be a lot of PvP content in the coming weeks or months.

But there are many other forms of gameplay you could try. You could try the new abyssal PvE sites, if challenging PvE is a thing you would like to try.

Also since the last time you played a new region has been added to the game (or taken from existing systems): Pochven, which has some really nice ISK making and PvP opportunities for groups of players.

What kind of gameplay interests you?


Most things that were available then are still out there - incursions, exploration, escalations, etc.

Some new things are:

  • the new player experience (AIR NPE and AIR Careers) so could be interesting to try that out with a new pilot.
  • the Triglavian invasion/Edencom changes and the new Pochven area
  • Abyssal Site running (related to Triglavian invasion)

Some updates for Faction Warfare are supposedly in the works, but may be a bit before we see the result.

You could also look in the general forum for post on EVE Pandora which is a new player-run method for creating missions and content, or check out Githany Red’s posts on New Eden Police Force for anti-ganking.


Nice script!

Thanks for the mention! :heart:

Tell me more

That does look interesting.

Last two times I was a wormhole CEO. Grew a corp big enough to live in a C5. I do not want the CEO life again, even if we don’t have to live in POS’s anymore.

I kind of like wormholes. I might go look for some cloaky hunter shenanigans, but I also like friends.

Right now I’m probably going to hang with some of the NPSI communities and try to figure myself out. It’s weird. I have a pretty flexible schedule, but I’m a working novelist now and have quite a few irons in the fire. I have to steward my game time closely.

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If you have the Pilot skills and time I would suggest Abyssal runs or even go out & visit Cloud Ring Cloud Ring | Region | zKillboard

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quit this dumpster fire


absolutely jump on the NPSI fun train! -

head over here too!

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Abyssals can be pretty interesting and fun to figure out, and very profitable if successful

I will list a few things:

  • go for npsi fleets with FUN Inc
  • uninstall EVE
  • start emailing friends to see who is around

Any of those options above is a good option.

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join Amarr FW naw soldier

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