Returning Player - What to do With a Booster Toon?

Recommendations? Returning player from ~5 years off. I’ve a few accounts, but at a loss at what to do with my old booster toon (31M sp, with 16M in Fleet Support). With needing the character on grid for command modules to be effective, I’m not likely to be triple boxing :slight_smile:


My primary and secondary accounts are 150M and 96M sp each…extracting SP to transfer not overly effective…

Why don’t you ask in the character bazaar for offers?

10-4. Thank you.

Train for orca then sell

In progress… I posted in the baazar:

We can close this thread. Thank you to all.

From the offers so far, it might be more cost effective to extract all the skill points and sell off that way? I ll have to do some math :slight_smile:

Price Check - Booster Toon, 31M SP

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