Advice for training an old alt needed


I’m a returning player and I’m looking for some advice.

Several years ago (2014, huh) I started this alt character to become an off-grid booster, which was a big thing at the time, however I never got to finish his training (waning interest in the game). With the changes to links, it would take a whole lot more for him to be of any use now. To be brief, these are the skills he currently has (total 5.6M SP):

  • Cybernetics V
  • Armored/Shield/Skirmish/Information Command V
  • Armored/Shield/Skirmish/Information Command Specialist I
  • Leadership V
  • Wing Command V
  • Command Burst Specialist IV
  • About 50k SP in various starting skills

As I’m trying to figure out a “role” for each of my characters (mains and alts), this one sticks out, and I’m left wondering what to do about it.

My interests in the game are: Null sec mixed PvP and PvE life with my mains, FW PvP with an alt (in training), HiSec safety net (Incursions?) with another alt (covered).

As I like his name I’d prefer to keep him and not sell him.

I’d be happy to hear your thoughts and ideas!

Booster for miner, (mining foreman) and maxed drones, using a battle rorqual or battle orca.

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