Help whipping up an alt's plan for events

I’ve never used alts much, if at all. My main has about 125M SP. My single alt has… 8k maybe?

I’m interested in being able to run a given Event a second time through with one of my alts. I’ve saved a bunch of SP gifts, MCTs, and stuff that could help give the alt a jumpstart in training.

But I’ve been training my main so long and have so many level V’s, I can’t remember what the uber-critical stuff is to have that would allow me a chance to participate safely in any random event. I’m thinking - what - decent shield, nav, and at least one weapon system + perhaps drones for Gila?

Feels like compared to the years I’ve invested so far, training a bunch of stuff to level III and IV would be relatively speedy (3 to 9 months?).

Curious if any of you could either recommend a training plan or have done this before.

Also, random question. Is hitting the 400 known skills mark any kind of a milestone? Just curious - I’m almost there, and unlocking skills (I call it Skill Chasing) can actually take quite awhile to do.

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