Returning player with 6 alts looking for a mining corp in high with voice comms

Hello, returning to eve after a 9 month break from the game and looking for a high sec mining corp where we can have a good laugh mining etc…

I’m happy to come on your discord and chat to see if I’ll be the right fit and answer any questions etc…

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You should consider joining Malevelon Roe Industries. They are a highsec Industry/PVE Corp based in Gallente space, and super active. You don’t even need to worry about Pirate FOB rats because they’ll take them down quickly if they become an issue.

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s their Discord:

Currently I have everything I own in Bittanshal from what I know haha

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Conglomeration Nation is looking for any and all pilots interested in just playing and enjoying the game. Whether you want to mine, PVE, PVP, or explore, we want you! Join the team that is willing to help you learn and expand your knowledge of the Eve Universe.

We are currently looking to expand with your help! We also offer a 50 MILLION ISK signing bonus!

Join CONA. Public for recruitment !!

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