Returning Player

Hello Kjuko
My name is Haconen.
I am with the Dystopian Angels.
It seems i have pressed the Enter key by accident hahaha.

We are a PvP NullSec Corp that Operates in AllSec and WH Space.
We have a strong Indy arm with multiple Moons and Stations creating Products and Reactions Daily.
We are a UKTZ & USTZ mainly, with a solid core of AUSTZ players like myself.
We are not a new Corp, our Leadership and FC’s are multi-year players and some even 10+ year Vets.
The DA always welcomes New & Returning players, and we are more than happy to help out in your EVE adventures, any way we can.

If your are interested or just want to have a chat, hop into our Discord.

And if you want more info about us (some picture from out operations), have a look at our EVE Forum.

Fly Fast Fly Dangerous