Returning player

Returning vet, looking for something different this time around. So not looking for the super blob.

I am looking to get into more pve focused activities. Currently @ 20 mill SP, just waiting on customer service glares to do their job with getting my other account fixed. Hit me up ingame and we can talk.

You sound like you would like it here at The Order of Omerta. We are focused on FW and small gang pvp and are always looking for active players. We are very active in UStz and are looking to grow more. We are an older bunch of gamers in our 40s to 60s so we dont tolerate bs or drama. We believe that eve is a game that should be enjoyed and not lamented over or made into a second job. We just want to kill others and do things as a team. If interested come by our discord and we will see if were a fit. The Order of Omerta

If you would like to give Wormhole life a try you should check us out. We are a small and growing C5-5 Corp that is getting stood back up. Currently in a Active alliance with usually people on at all times. There is usually always some gas in chain to huff or sites to run to make isk. If wormhole life is new to you that is no problem, we have a good group of guys here that do not mind helping out in any way possible.

What up homie come check us out. Were not for everyone but wanted to toss it out their brotha.

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