Returning to EVE after a six year absence

As the title says, after six long years, I have returned to the game, now out of curiosity and mainly to get a feel of things again, I’d like to know what people are using to run their level 4 high sec missions?

I’m fully prepared to cross train into the new skill set should a particular ship ‘trumps’ all others depending on what is recommended. I have been for a little while been using the Ishtar and drones, but I fancy mixing it up a little bit to make things more interesting for me, (fittings are not required right now, but if you fancy sharing your set ups, then it’ll be greatly appreciated).

Thanks in advance for any assistance you send my way.


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Rattlesnake, Golem, Paladin, Barghest. Which ship you choose depends on whether you want to fully clear the mission, or blitz it.

Paladin. Aurora beam sniper or scorch pulse. Nightmare. Apocalypse navy. Even the good ol’ pulse brawling Abbadon.

No purefying fire light = heresy
Heresy deserves only just punishment.


I personally love my tengu for level 4, can do literally anything, they did nerf the tank but it is still strong enough that I am soloing the gaurdians galla sites with ease.

some simple numbers
pushing 1k dps

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I’m using a Rattlesnake. There isn’t a level 4 that it can’t handle very easily, aside from the Anomics. I use it for all the empire Epic Arcs as well. Also, if you are just now returning, you have bad timing…lol. The nonsense lately is a heck of a welcome back for you to run into.

First things first, check you skills…

…chances are some may have been deleted and new skills and/or requires are require.

Once you’ve done that,look at all the new modules and ships that weren’t around when you last played.

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Vargur is fun, if you want to full clear


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