Returning to Eve Online

Im returning after nearly a year gone to find out that Otela (former 0.5) is now -1.0 sec and all gates are locked down… How am I supposed to get back into high sec?

Buy a Devana Exit filament in station and jump out. Pochven - EVE University Wiki Take with you what you need. Later you can come back with this guide Pochven entry manual

I‘m not online anymore, else I could have scanned you an exit.


Do I need to have the Filament in station, or can I buy one from say Jita, and activate it remotely?

Physically in cargo, if you have none, you can buy in any NPC station in Pochven. Only subcaps can jump though, no freighters.

Like Tipa said, buy a devana filament from the NPC stations in Otela and exit the system in a ship by using it. Btw, if you need someone to haul your stuff out or if you wanna sell your stuff there, I’m able to help :slight_smile:

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