Is there a filament that takes you to high sec

that’s all I want to know

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I don’t think any filament ‘guarantees’ transport to highsec…its usually random between lowsec or highsec. On the other hand, there are systems ( such as Torrinos ) where you can simply stargate jump from null to highsec or vice versa and skip out lowsec.

There are 3 types of Highsec Ice Storm filaments that are available around the end of year holidays. They will transport you to high sec during the holiday (youil?) event

I’m heading out to a system owned by my alliance but its over 40 jumps from amarr

There are no filaments that transport you directly to highsec, no. However, there is a very effective workaround. By using the Pochven filaments, you can use a filament to enter Pochven and then a second filament to jump out of Pochven. Due to the way the Pochven was implemented/conquered, most of the Pochven filaments either take you to highsec, or very close to highsec.

It shouldn’t be difficult to google the methods for using the Pochven filaments to get from anywhere back to highsec. It does require a brief landing in Pochven, but your chances of getting caught the moment you land on grid is (probably) low.

okay thanks

This is a technique I use with a great deal of regularity and I have yet to be caught on a drop in.

Cloaks are handy but it can still be done on Alpha.

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