Using Trig filaments

I am looking to use trig filaments to get me out of null sec in a systme that is close to Jita… I am looking at this site - Pochven - EVE University Wiki

there are a number of inbound filaments, i understand that the number relates to the number of ships, i dont care who controls the system unless I have to choose one to get more of a chance that if used with one of the outbound filaments it gets me close to jita

Do any combination of these filaments work in this regard or is it all just pot luck?

Ahhhh the lovely Pochven highway!
It just happens to be that the Pochven border systems are all near Caldari high-security space so people use those.

To get there: Border-5 ‘Pochven’ or Border-15 ‘Pochven’
To get out: Proximity-5 ‘Extraction’ or Proximity-15 ‘Extraction’

And remember to fit a cloak! You’ll get a timer that prevents you from using another filament for 15? 20? minutes. From possibly 50+ jumps i’ve done, only once the Proximity ‘Extraction’ filament has taken me to low-security space i believe…

Thanks @Mary_Forcades much appreciated

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No problems space friend!

I have a video that shows how to enter and exit NULL with Filaments:

–Alpha Bob

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Ill check it out, cheers @Alpha_Bob

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