Returning USTZ Small Gang Pilot Looking For Home (68M SP)

Hey there.
My name’s Chaos. Here’s my Zkill. Chaos Ellec0n | Character | zKillboard
I’ve been playing EVE on and off since around 2016 when I was 14. I’ve gotten all kinds of experience under my belt from Wormholing, Faction Warfare and even some mercenary work. I don’t like huge fleets with TiDi and I probably can’t make most CTAs due to my IRL line of work (Active Duty Military).
I’m just looking for some dudes to do some chill isk making and roaming with.
I’ve got 68M SP mainly invested in Cruiser sized ships and below, and I can fly almost anything in this category. I’m ruthless when it comes to tackling and even more so when it involves piracy.
I don’t do well with massive blue donuts. Too few people to shoot at that way.
If you’ve got room in your corp for a Quafe Zero addicted rogue I just might be your guy. Cheers.

Hey Bro, Come check out Grimm Hounds we are all about the small gang and come with added benefits of a null sec corp. Check us out in Game and come have a chat in discord.

Hey there, you might wanna take a look at us :

Hey, might be a different flavor of small gang PvP than you’re used to but if you’re willing to join the discord below would love to chat with you about it.

Check us out! :smiley:

Chaos Ellec0n, Welcome back to Eve!

We are looking for EU and US players to join us out in Stain, amazing PVE and PVP at every corner from solo/small gang up to big fleet fights with our coalition. Feel free to stop by our Discord if interested and please refer back to this post: STA'IN

oe i love quafe 2 lets drink togather :stuck_out_tongue:


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