Reverse Orbit Function / Orbit Direction

All this time, one little function would have made controlling a ship, soooo much easier back in the day.
That simple function Reverse Orbit. Reverse Orbit would simply, reverse the direction of orbit, the opposite direction along the intended circular pathway.

Orbit Direction would allow you click orbit an object and then determine which direction to object the object by using a sphere with pathways set to the middle of sphere, objects origin then obit the object in that direction.


You’re not meant to use movement commands for any level of fine detail.

Hell the only time I can think of when you should use orbit is if your anchor is in a slower ship than you.

Orbit is for when I orbit my MTU while my Drake spams autofire missiles everywhere…

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If that was true, then why can be fly a ship using the left, right, up and down arrows, which is a level of fine detail?

Calm down miner.

What he was saying is that your not meant to use movement commands (Orbit, Approach, Keep at range) to any FINE LEVEL OF DETAIL.

For Fine level of detail IE reversing your orbit path, You should manually pilot it.


First of all those keys were added in mostly as a joke by fozzy.

But more importantly how is an alternative to using the fight commands a defence for flight commands being useful or intended for fine control.

What purpose would this have?

I may be missing something, but the orbit functionallity is used to keep a ship moving, without changing distance from the object/ship.
You can sit at a specific distance, so the only reason you would use orbit is to keep moving.

If you were to ‘reverse orbit’ your shoup would have to stop, then spin around, then start moving up to speed again. Losing you all that movement speed for a while.

In a fight, if you were relying on that speed, then you would be dead.
Not in a fight, who cares what orbit around the roid you are doing.

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