New orbit command

I think you all know this situation. You want to orbit something, give the command and it gives you this awful circle where you hit an object or fly right trough the enemies. I want to propose a new orbit command that extends the functionality of the already available manual movement control.
How does it work? When pressing ‘Q’ you get this circle to give a manual movement command in free space. When holding ‘Q’ and clicking at an object you give the standard aproach command. So what I think of is a new command when pressing ‘Q’ and holding your mouse button on an object in space. Currently you activate the radial menu whether or not you are holding the ‘Q’ button. With the new command you spawn a circle around the object you hold your mouse button on and by moving your mouse you can increase or decrease the orbit distance. When releasing the mouse button you can then rotate your orbit circle by moving your mouse to fit your needs. With another click you finalize the orbit command and your ship aproaches the orbit as usual.


So to sum it up, He want us to have the power to move and change the orbit ring round on the roll pitch and yaw.

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That is already in client and to be performed by double-click. You are welcome.


Manual orbitting, best orbitting.

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You’re wrong when you describe how we do it now. In five years playing I’ve used the radial menu maybe twice. I honestly forget it exists most of the time

Manual piloting has its value, and will always be the best option. But for basic QOL it would be great to offer slightly more control over the auto-orbit command.

I always figured the simplest implementation would be similar to what OP noted. Hold the Orbit hotkey, then M1 on a target and hold M1. The default Orbit angle would appear, but if you moved your mouse around the target, you could alter the initial approach angle, which would just reposition the circle to compensate.

This would be a really nice thing to have. Let me set an orbit then adjust the angle of the orbit.

just another crutch for new players to lean on as they put off learning to manually fly.

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I agree. The op has no clue how to manually pilot his ship and isn’t actually willing to learn. instead he wants the game to be even more automatic, so he doesn’t have to be confronted with the fact that he needs to improve.

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