Revise corp emblem placement

I recently bought the corp emblem placement for evermarks for the Breacher, and it took me the better part of a minute to even find the damn thing on the ship. I couldn’t believe my eyes that this was supposed to be the intended size and the intended–and only–place on that ship.

CCP, Minnie ships have all those top and bottom and left and right and whatnot wingy bits, and you tucked the emblem in a place that makes it the ship equivalent of a tramp stamp?? Even with lore, whatever those wingy bits are supposed to be, the emblem is handwaved to be holographic, anyway, and wouldn’t even interfere with their “function”. Or, given how, again, the emblem be holographic, you could have placed it free-floating somewhere between the Breacher’s trussing, with some texturing magic so that it doesn’t look flipped from the other side. (Because, you know, holograms.) Granted, I didn’t expect my Breacher to be turned into the gondola of the Goodyear blimp, or into a freeway billboard gantry, or a Rammstein concert stage, but this is seriously taking the piss.

This is less prominent than some allergy advice on a product. “This ship may contain traces of nuts.” … It can’t even be compared to 47’s barcode, that one at least has in-universe justification for its subtlety … Or imagine the Jolly Roger being knotted like a rag to a random stud along the railing instead of being flown proudly atop the main mast! What gives, CCP??

I honestly feel cheated out of my PAID game time I wasted on the mission to lug that random hull across space in exchange for the daily evermarks so beancounterishly handed out by that nauseatingly cheesy AI floozy who you felt the need to write to almost get into a bitchfight with Aura the second she introduces Paragon on and to the UI. Not screwed as an in-game character, but as a player. I can’t even be bothered to continue doing these. Didn’t even stick around for a third or fourth run of prostituting my attention to this utterly disproportionate and unrewarding exchange of time and isk for loyalty points that at least you had the sense to not name loyalty points because right now the “loyalty” of my character and myself with Paragon is at best measured in f–s I can’t give. Imagine requiring a third-party “license” just that I can display MY corp logo on MY ships, and at an effective exchange rate that makes it easily powers of magnitude more expensive than some modules installed on the same ship! Why don’t you call yourself Adobe and make it in fact a subscription, too!

This is deeply embarrassing and disappointing as hell. Twenty years of EVE and this is what you could come up with. Why not make every ship look like your placeholder space turds?? Or, hell, even go back to sprites that always face the camera!

Homeworld, Freelancer, and Haegemonia looked, and look, better than this, and those games really are twenty years old.

(Edits: Typos, wording; the message stays the same.)

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Emblems are really poorly placed on a lot of ships across all factions.


Given how good of a job the design team is doing otherwise, I’m always disappointed by the majority of ship skins and the the whole emblems thing. It’s like they pick the ugliest patterns/colors and the dumbest spots to place the logos on purpose.

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