EverMarks corp holo logos need some more love CCP

I bought several corp holo logos for various ships and they look bad. This isn’t worth grinding for EverMarks much.

  1. hull corp holo logo color doesn’t match actual corp logo colors
    the holo logo is slightly brighter.

  2. the position of the logo can’t be adjusted and the fixed bow and stern positions are barely visible on some hulls.

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I agree, I think the colours are ok, but the position is pretty bad one some ships.

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They are working too much with shaders. They can make the game look pretty but it messes up everything? They are just not worth it when you are developing for PC where hardware specs and graphic settings are all over the place. You need to keep it simple in PC games?

So according to FF’23 KeyNote, ship skins customization is coming :slight_smile:
Let’s hope for logo position customization :slight_smile:

I still cannot believe that people actually ask for this crap like ccp say, we heard your feedback…and im like who tf feeds back about Evermarks???

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