Reward/Bounty for killing ships

I don’t pvp enough to actually benefit from this too much. But I strongly beleave it would lead to an better and more interesting enviroment in eve longterm.

You can already get 10s if not hundreds of mil per kill. Maybe go out and kill more before posting.

You will always already get a few mill.

Well unless you pissed off the loot fairy

The issue is that looting and bringing stuff back is a very unfun activity. People would much rather keep going. It’s mostly not worth it to not bring enough cap boosters only so u can loot 5mil. bringing 5-10mi back 20 jumps is even worse, especially if u r in a fun fleet that wants to die.

whaaaaat there is a give/take and risk/reward aspect to a part of eve? say it aint so.

where am I ever going to find the 20m3 for this 30mill CN shield extender

or oh gosh i’ll never be able to give up enough cap boosters to make room for this 5m3 86mill faction scram. but I mean these mods are so rare and definitely not two of the most commonly fit faction mods in the game

Please read what other ppl are writing and dont write random nonsense.
Most ppl t2 fit their stuff. thats the issue where there is no reward.
But even with faction stuff: who wants to go back home to bring the 50mil item back? who wants to fly 20 jumps for that to finally continue the roam? what is better for the game? someone who keeps roaming to fight ppl in space? or someone who flies back in safety to bring his item back? what is more fun for the looter? what is more fun for the enviroment? noone prifits from someone flying back to save his 50mil.

I usually dont even pick such small things up. they increase the killmail when i finally die (and i want to roam until i die) and i rather just rat for 30min then flying 20 jumps forth and back when im out with ppl…

but that’s just it. CNSE are extremely common and most people don’t fly straight back you scoop the loot and keep on going.

and that’s why your are not making any isk off of your pvp. I have not needed to supplement my PvP toon in years because he makes far more than he looses and he does this without even having to worry about only taking fights that keep his KB green. last 3 years my pvp only toon is actually on the redder side at 45% because I’ll take just about any fight that isn’t a guaranteed loss.

Obviously the current mechanics aren’t bad enough to ruin the game. Obviously people can make due with them. Ofc some people can make it work for them. But is it best for the game? Wouldnt the proposed change just be better for activity in eve? Are there actually any disadvantages to changing it?

other than your idea being contrary to the very spirit behind the game by giving a forced and contrived motivation to blow Someone up rather than a purely player generated one.

There is already a forced one in the form of loot. So it won’t change the spirit of eve much. ^^ So are there any disadvantages from this change?

Loot is not forced, the game does not put loot on a ship. Players are encouraged to fit out their ships and players are encouraged to take those fittings off those players hands. It is not generated out of thin air just to get players to shoot at each other.

If you can’t see the difference you are either actually a moron out now likely just being dishonest

So your go to if you out of arguments is to insult people? Sorry, I won’t respond to you anymore. That’s not the type of people I want to associate with.

Says they one who clipped the quote before three point was made. Looks like I hit the nail on its head about the dishonesty.

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