Idea to incentivise PVP Interaction

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Hello, folks, i am utilizing my beautifull Alt to make the following suggestion (of course i didnt reasearch if this has been suggested before, cause i cant be arsed):

CCP Please code the following into the Game:

Whenever a Player ship dies, the wreck drops a Tag matching the ship class, Example:

Rookie Ship=None
T1 Frig=Tier 1 Tag
Dessie=Tier 2 Tag
Faction Frig=Tier 3 Tag

… and so forth

Second Step:

Put a few Agents into the Universe, that give out something along the Lines (insert Stuff) in exchange for a certain ammount of Tags.

Maybe a nice Hat, or you know, Alliance Tournament ships :slight_smile:

Please note that you have to balance the reward against the folk that would just log in 2 Trillion Alts and repeatedly kill each other (the Reward therfore cannot be worth more than the Ships it costs to get the tags)

You can figure out the rest i am sure.

Reason for this Change.

I am sick and tiered to continously engage in Fights for pure shits and giggles, and Killboard Stats.

Besides Items that can only be earned through PVP Interaction would be a nice touch in a you know PVP Game.

Cheerio and sweet kisses.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #2

Isn’t that called Faction Warfare? You get into war, kill enemies, get rewarded for killing…

(Daichi Yamato) #3

Faction warfare is exactly this.

(Old Pervert) #4

So… a vanity item like a hat is not something that you have for pure shits and giggles?

There’s absolutely no way they’d devalue AT and SE ships by distributing those out in the vast quantities they would be distributed in.

(High Sec Dweller) #5

Impressive,…the third Reply is allready some guy who thinks the AT Ship remark was meant seriously.

Concerning Faction Warfare,… you mean the Part of the Game, where you get 23 LP per Kill, whilst a braindead PVE Mission pays out what,… 6000 at Faction Tier 1,… oh yeah great incentive… FOR MISSIONING !

Lets try this again guys…

(Arcanith Lionheart) #6

Listen to yourself, you asked on your OP for some balance to avoid people just dumping alts with weak ships, which is exactly the same as FW

You also cannot compare FW LP with Mission LP, because the rewards are different.

(Old Pervert) #7

You may not know this, but text does not impart tonal inflections commonly observed in sarcasm. Best to read your own comments in monotone monologue.

Again. What exactly does this do to incentivize pvp? You quite clearly state that there’s no real reason for you to kill anyone because in the end it’s all just for reasons that don’t matter. Yet your single proposition is to add additional fluff items that don’t matter?

(High Sec Dweller) #8

Oh please, dont tell me, that you couldnt actually reckognize that the AT Remark was a Joke,… well anyways.

I would be stisified if they make the main LP Source PVP Kills, and Mission Rewards more of a supplementary thing,… value of fw items might go up a lot i imagine, but this surely can be managed somehow, work with me here folks.

I Think we all can agree, that the main incentive in fw currently tends toward boring Mission Farming,… this has to end, make Interaction with other folk great again or something like that.


(Frostys Virpio) #9

The last time LP generated from PvP kills were at a greater point than currently, we got a completely ■■■■ up LP economy and some guys semi-joking about how they burn their LP before it reach a certain number because they feared the variable to store them in the game might roll over and become negative because they really accrued LP at ridiculous rates.

(Old Pervert) #10

At the end of the day, I kill ships for one reason:


If it’s not fun, why are you PVPing? Do something else that interests you, or if none of it interests you, take a break from the game and expand your horizons.

Honestly, fun is the only reason you should ever play any game.

(Daichi Yamato) #11

It either pays well and i blow-up my alt, or it doesn’t pay well.

Fw encourages players to get out there where they can be shot. Or struggle against eachother to control systems in the name of your empire.

If you just wanna get fat rich, try ganking.

(ShahFluffers) #12

Fun Fact: The second incarnation of Faction Warfare did exactly what you describe. If you killed a ship in an enemy FW militia, you could actually get a decent amount of Loyalty Points. More if the ship was of high value.

Then some enterprising people took advantage of this.
They manipulated the in-game market price of certain “useless” items to become high-value. Then loaded up ships full of these items and shot them with alt characters (the different characters were in opposing FW militias).

Do note that these guys were using everything from cruisers they had built to freighters and destroying them. And not only were they raking in LP, but the cost to lose said ships was being mitigated through insurance payouts that they took out.

Within two weeks, 5-10 people had amassed about a trillion or so ISK. Then they used the payouts to manipulate even higher value items (ex. PLEX).

The FW payouts were tweaked into what they are today because of this incident.

So basically… if you want to make a PvP payout system for kills you have to make it so that the payout is worth less than cost of the ship that dies minus the max payout of insurance.

Example: For a cheaply fit Tech 1 frigate worth about 600k ISK (and a max insurance payout of about 400k) the payout will have to be worth less than 200k ISK.
Given that the market tends to fluctuate and that no DEV wants to micromanage anything, the payout should be even less than that to create a “margin of error.”

And that is pretty much what we have now in terms of payout in FW.

But all that is pretty moot. If you need a reason to shoot things beyond “I like explosions” or “I like to test myself against others,” then you are not really interested in PvP in the first place. You are interested in getting rewards.

(DrysonBennington) #13

I think random Burner NPC spawns in low and null space would add a certain flare as well.

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