Rework Exhumer Shield Resistances for Exhumers skill

ATM Exhumers have a bonus 4% to all shield resistances per Exhumers skill level, but it’s only useful for Skiff and its insane tank. For glass hulk it’s like it can never be there and you wont notice a difference

  1. For Hulk replace it with a bonus to Strip Miner range. Why? Cause Hulks mainly sit on Orca anyway and having longer range they don’t need to move around more ofter, especially in those Moon mining belts.
  2. For Mackinaws - warp speed and\or agility bonus. Why? Mackinaws already have a decent mining yield and cargo, but they still need to warp to stations/structues to dump their or. It does not make them better at mining, but a bit more comfortable - which is Mackinaws intende niche.

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