Ricos Rougnecks - Recruitment open Hi-Sec UK/EU

Ricos Roughnecks Uk/Eu Timezone

RRN was formed many moons ago by a group of real life friends that soon grew. We have done pretty much everything in eve and now wish for a more chilled way of life. We seek like minded individuals to help rebuild and be a part of something great again.

Our Aim: With the coming patch we wish to focus on the new High sec material from the invasions/mining to enable us to build a awesome corp/family.

We will offer you a place to call home in a friendly atmosphere where you will not be forced to do anything you feel unhappy about. Most of the corp are over 30 but we do not require u to be a old fart :slight_smile:

We seek players from all lvls and will be appointing a lot of positions for new members interested in doing a little more than just logging and locking.

Team Players
Play to have fun
Event organisers
Miners/ Managers
Bonus - Like Beer

If we appeal to you or you would like more info please join our public Channel in game or respond on here.

Chat Channel: Ricos Bar & Grill

Many Thanks

Z Ceo RRN**:love_you_gesture:**

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Station spinning flyby!!

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