Right click bug, and lagging client

I got two problems with my client.

First one is i cannot click by using right mouse button on items in hangar, cargo etc. i mean theres no drop down menu so i cant perform many actions

Second is sometimes my client starts very laggy and it stays like that when logged (lag, shuttering, freezes) until i close it only by using windows task manager (closing game normally dont fix this)

There are a few things you can try, if you haven’t already:

  • Clear game cache, this could possibly help you fix your bug and/or your lag issues.
  • Reduce graphic-settings, should help make the game less laggy.
  • Reinstall the game, don’t forget to save a copy of your overview settings if you want to keep them.
    • If you want to save you overview-settings on the server side you can create a (private) chat channel and drag’n’drop your Overview in the MOTD of your (newly) created chat channel.

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