Right Click Clear Member List

Since the recode of Chat, no longer can you clear local people list by minimising.

A Simple Right click on The Local People clear list is needed for watching of neutrals in busy systems.

There is a clear choice on the chat menu

That clears chat window not the Local People window soz should call it Member List

… you have never been able to clear people out of the chat window. and how would clearing everyone out help you watch neutrals?

what i’m pissed about the change is it takes over a minute to stop lagging after entering a moderately busy system and all my private chat channels have been removed from my channel list. channels i have used to keep in contact with people for years just ‘poof’

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Correct that the functionality never officially existed. There existed ways to make it bug out and show up empty until someone new jumped into system. I don’t recall the method.

As for helping, that should be easy to see. If you wipe out the 50+ friendly names, you’ll be able to see when one that isn’t friendly jumps in (rather than being somewhere that you’d have to scroll to see).

To the OP… no… local was never intended to be intel. They’ve explicitly said they don’t intend to add filters to local member list for exactly this reason. It’s not supposed to be intel. They do want you to have some intel, but not this. They just don’t have a better option yet.

The sad thing is that the local channel used to be where you met new people and talked to them instead of “is neut, drop sooper dooper, cyno, call 911, the press, the tv and stuff”.

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yeah mines used to be a thing then too

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