Rigs for Entropic disintegrators

(Gustav Mannfred) #1

As all other weapon systems have rigs, what about adding Rigs for entropic disintegrators?
All the rigs for persecuror weapons too, like a collision accelerator or locus coordinator etc…

And maybe an additional one: Persecuror spool accelerator
increases the damage bonus per cycle by 50% for T1 and 100% for T2, but uses 200/300 calibration.

also nice would be faction variants of the radiation sinks.

Let me know what you think

(Krysenth) #2

HA! You funny. Regular damage rigs (the straight damage multiplier rigs) dont even increase damage by that much.

(Arthur Aihaken) #3

Faction radiation sinks, optimal-only tracking scripts, and aerator and calefaction rigs are definte must haves. In terms of damage spool rigs, a T1 @5% and T2@10% (200 and 300 calibration, respctively) would work.

(Ghost Miromme) #4

Great idea

(system) #5

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