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Still recruiting

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Still Recruiting

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Recruiting Open

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Still recruiting

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Recruitment open

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Still recruiting

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Recruitment open

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Still Recruiting

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Looking for Active PVP pilots.

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Hello, I’ve applied for your corporation, and I’ve received in-game mail where I’ve been told to go to Ascendance recruitment chat channel. I’ve been there twice for a couple of hours, but alas, there were no recruiters online. On the second occasion there was a recruiter(can’t remember name), but he/she had connection problems, and by the time it was fixed I had to go due to RL obligations. What should I do now? Do you still accept new members?

(Triab) #91

We are still recruiting yes, I’ve put a note on your app to hopefully get it taken care of. I’m sorry wasn’t anyone around when you were on, it’s unusual for us to not have any recruiters online, I will look into this.

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Still recruiting

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Looking for active PVP pilots

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Still recruiting

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Recruiting pvp pilots, join today!

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Still recruiting

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still recruiting

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Still recruiting

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Recruiting still open

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Still Recruiting