:Stableparrot: Rise UP! It's Time for Ascendance! [ALPHA Friendly] [All TZ]


(Aristyllus Thellere) #162

App in - sounds like a great place. Thanks for your consideration!

(Malenfaas) #163

App Sent

(Triab) #164

Recruitment still open

(Triab) #165

Still recruiting, well when CCP’s ESI isn’t crashing.

(Triab) #166

Still recruiting

(Triab) #167

Recruitment open

(Canum Ferox) #168

Hey being trying to put in an app but there appears to be an issue with the site, Ive added a character and the process halts there

(Triab) #169

Yeah sorry we’re having issues with the site after a CCP change to ESI so we’re building a new one. In the meantime, join ‘Ascendance Recruitment’ in-game and ask for a recruiter, they will walk you through the temp process during the interview.

Edit: I’ve edited the OP, sorry for not doing that before. It slipped my mind.

(Triab) #170

Recruitment is now back open again.

(Triab) #171

Still recruiting

(Triab) #172

Recruitment still open

(Triab) #173

Still recruiting

(Triab) #174

Recruitment still open

(Triab) #175

Still Recruiting, join today!

(Triab) #176

Recruitment open

(Triab) #177

Recruitment still open

(Warren Morris) #178

Returning Player 42 mil sp .

Nid trained still honing skills and trying to get used to eve again , looking for someone to join currently ship spinning in jita.

Not quite sure on how the api system works now has been a few years since i played properly

(Triab) #179

Sorry for the delayed reply. Join our recruitment channel ‘Ascendance Recruitment’ for instructions on how to apply.

As for the new API, it’s no longer key based. You login via CCP’s site and authorize the APP/Site that you want to give ESI access to. Access is revocable via the account management section on CCP’s website.(or maybe it’s the support section). The access can’t be transferred to any third party or anyone you haven’t explicitly granted access to due to CCP ESI ToS which is very strict and, as a note, we do abide by those terms.

(Triab) #180

Still recruiting

(Triab) #181

Recruitment still open