Risk free crabbing opportunity for the Imperium!

Crab beacons are the highest end PVE content for capitals in k-space, but they come with the downside of not being able to do them in safe space.

For members of the imperium, this danger comes in the form of AKC, a sig primarily composed of horde that kill multiple crab beacon runners a day.

But now there is a way to finally run crab beacons in safety, at a price cheaper than it would cost to lose a capital.

For a price, AKC will add you to a whitelist where you will not be dropped. Without us hunting you, there is no other group that will be able to kill you.

Prices are as follows for 1 month of whitelist:

Rorqual - 750m
Carrier - 1.5b
T1 dread - 2b
Navy dread - 2.5b
Super - 2.5b

To arrange being added to the whitelist, contact lowlanddragon on discord.

Or in game mail “Lula Dragon”


lol why does that sound familiar

Oh shucks. Take my money.

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I’ve heard good things about this service, my family and friends have recommended it multiple times. Sounds like a great offer too.

Excellent offer :+1:

Got a bulk discount for my 4 supers and paid 9b, havent been dropped since! I highly recommend this service!


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I was short, sad and had no isk before paying these premium prices. Now, after just a few months of safety i’m 6’4, jacked and i get more bitches than one could shake a torpedo launcher II at.


so noobish AKC feeding nyx 70 bil hahaha


Asher assured me that if I was in Beehive I would be safe in my PNI and could Krab in absolute safety. Well it turns out that my man forgot to mention that I have to get this protection plan. ISK sent, thank you for organizing this. I’m sure I’ll make it back and then some with how much uptime Beehive gets these days.

you still cant offer a hunter service if you cant protect yourselves… :stuck_out_tongue:

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