Risk free exploration?

First of all I would like to apologize since english isn’t my native language.
So I’m playing EVE for some time now, yet I still can be called a new bro.
I like the concept of the more risk you take more you will be rewarded, but…

Some time ago I’ve noticed a trend of exploration pilots flying Inteceptors fitted with probe launcher.
Basically by doing this player can almost totally skip a risk part. If you know what are you doing you can head into enemy sov and simply farm their stuff.

Another thing I think is a cancer is a cargo scanner on relic cans…
Those two things combined are making you almost immune to any form of aggression.

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  1. Inties are garbage for it due to tiny cargo space, limited fitting and no Sensor Bonus.

  2. No idea how a Cargo Scanner is “cancer” though.

In short, if they are so good, how come youre not doing it that way?

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I’m doing this right now as an interceptor I’m totally immune to any bubbles and with cargo scanner im negating the tiny cargo space argument, cause I only pick the loot I want to.
Also since I’m almost immortal I’m using an expensive scanning implants that boost my probe strength.

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So you are railing against something you are doing yourself.


Sounds like an awful lot of outlay that can very quickly pop to a smartbomb too.

  • hack loot is small, 100m3 can be 1b. And if you exclude bulk low-value items, much more.

  • cargo scanner helps blitzing the sites, you just run the “good” cans. Then someone else wastes time scanning the site and warps in only to find out it has been cherry-picked

  • no scan bonus, but there are implants and modules that help. Cherry-picker ceptor pods are worth as much as the ship+loot… can invest in implants since a non-pvp ceptor is very unlikely to die.

The very unintelligent ones can die to smartbombs. If you already have it set up or can set it up before the ceptor arrives. The intelligent ones you can only catch with remote sebo and adhd. And that’s still not guaranteed. Depends on ping and server ticks.

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sounds like work
dont see nothing wrong with it

It’s all fine until OP runs into a smartbomb camp, then he’s gonna make some passive aggressive forum thread about how that’s so unfair because someone can sit AFK for hours and just kill a cepter they shouldn’t able to catch blah blah blah


Do you mean a fit like this?


It’s not exactly risk free. Grab a rocket bomber with double scram and camp his next site.

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Jesus f… christ trying to raise a discussion here is like trying to win an argument with a 4 year old brat.
And no I’m not dying to smart bombs since those are usually stationary on gates if I scan a camp I simply not warping to that gate. Hope that little hint will help you in future Scoots.
Like I said I’m doing this kind of play myself and it feels abusive.

Gerard, sort of. Mine is insta warp no need for stabs.

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I think his one is insta warp too. But insta warp won’t save you from bombers that can point you without cloaking delay.

Unlike an instant align astero, those interceptors have absolutely no way to defend themselves. It’s a tradeoff: immunity to bubble camps, but scanning goes slower and they become vulnerable to bombers.

And do you feel these things are “abusive” to exploration?

That was the point being made.

It’s not.

Does that help?

you need to stop being a abusive person

Pretty much, yes.
Last sentence confused me, seemed like you suggest smartbombs are a counter since those ceptors can die to them. English is my 3’rd language and google translate has trouble with “lot of outlay” (translation makes no sense). I never heard the word “outlay” either. I’m guessing you are from UK, I learned simplified american english : )

Its cool, yeah UK/Ireland.

Yeah I just think different set ups suit different folks, and though the drawbacks are less likely with an interceptor, they are more intense.

But I dont think using them is in someway wrong.

Interceptors will never become the standard exploration ship - they have too many drawbacks. Force recons can kill them at sites no problem, as can stealth bombers. Travelceptors work because they never stop moving. With exploration, you know exactly where these ships are going to stop.

Exactly. Yeah, the interceptor has a lot of ability to escape but only when it isn’t trying to run a site. If you try to do anything but run away you’re predictable, webbed/scrammed, and dead. And if all you want to do is run away as soon as a potential threat shows up an Astero that warps to a safespot as soon as a non-blue name enters local is also 100% safe and is far better at doing the exploration sites.

Cherry-picking is not a large problem because an empty site despawns in half an hour or less once the first can is hacked.

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Many drawbacks but <2s warpout, faster warp speed (than most explo frigs, I think pacifier is faster) and bubble immunity are big advantages.

And some of those drawbacks aren’t that big of a deal. Can’t warp cloaked, so what. Warp to a bm and cloak if really need to. No bonus? Bling pod.

Around downtime all I see is relic ceptors running around. They blitz the region, cherry-pick good cans, log back after dt and go straight to same sites. Won’t run the site with anyone in local and won’t warp gate to gate with neuts either.

Then why use an interceptor? An Astero can already get 100% immunity to attack by doing this, and will be more effective at running the sites.