RMC NEWS : 20th September 2022 edition

This week’s shows English : https://youtu.be/Z5DpYUShyvc
Français : https://youtu.be/ht99O0-cVJY

Going live every Tuesdays 2300ET : French & 0000 ET English on http://twitch.tv/ben_canadian

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Wrong forum.

Where would you put it?

Promotion, videos and all that belong in My EVE.


I have moved the Thread for you to the correct Forumscategory.


Here’s this week’s show : Eve Online : RMC NEWS : 20th of September 2022 - YouTube

Don’t forget to “like” it, as it really help the channel to grow :slight_smile:

If you want to see it in your Youtube scrolling, suscribe to the channel :smiley:

We are live every Tuesdays on Twitch at 23h45 Eve Time

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