Road map mining march

Hello, in the road map, a new mining mechanic is planned for March?

New ships?
New anomaly?
New weapons?
Improvements to drones, which today are useless.

What do you think?

Link? All I’ve seen is the Director’s letter which doesn’t specifically indicate anything for March… unless I missed something?

I wouldn’t say drones are totally useless. Unless you mean mining drones, because those are useless unless you’re in an orca or porpoise. Most drones can shred any would-be attackers.

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The “mining” aspect for March is listed under Vanguard, so I don’t think it’s an EVE component.

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Roadmap? We have a roadmap?

A Director’s letter.

what …?

I haven’t tried Vanguard, so your guess is as good as mine.

Drones are not useless, for those not in the northern hemisphere its one of the few weapons platforms unaffected by our geographically induced lag.

Its a pretty saturated market with Operation Tarkov and Helldriver. Might as well be putting an indy film our same weekend as a MCU release.

The MCU is dead, but the point is still valid.

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