Roam the Ghetto with us


We are currently searching for a few pvp pilots that would like to roam the ghetto with us. We are a pretty laid back group and could care less about anything but content.

Our primary focus is factional warfare for Gallente Militia however we do enjoy defending our friends, terrorizing the masses, roaming ghetto null bloc or otherwise having a good fight.

We do keep a healthy stock of ships on hand for those quick and dirty responses for our friends.

We are part of a larger community that is content driven and encourage you to participate in the regular fleet ops - though once again, there are no requirements.

We are new-bro friendly however if you are a 1 day old pilot with no idea how to undock yet, we do ask you to contact us first before applying.

Find us in game by contacting Kieta Maximus with Collusive Outcome

We are still looking for a pilot like yourself. Get in touch…

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