🚀 Supercap BPO's / Vendetta BPC Kit / Titan/Supercap/Structure BPC Packs

All located in Jita

Supercarrier BPO's **SOLD**

:rocket: ME8 TE12 Hel BPO - 26b image SOLD

Vanquisher & Vendetta Kit **SOLD**

:rocket: Vanquisher Complete Blueprint Kit - 36b for full kit with required ~30,000 runs of 10/20 BPC’s image SOLD

:rocket: Vendetta Complete Blueprint Kit - 7b for full kit with the required ~12,000 runs of 10/20 BPC’s image SOLD

Structure BPO's **SOLD**

Structure Market Network BPO’s
:department_store: Structure Market BPO -All ME10/TE18 - 500m (x6 available) edit: SOLD
All 6 for 2.5b

BPC Pack's

All Titan/Supercapital Carrier BPC packs include all needed components (ME10/TE20)

:rocket: Erebus ME7 Kit 1.35b SOLD
:rocket: Avatar ME7 TE12 Full Kit 6.2b (next one available Dec 12)

:rocket: Hel ME8 Kit 975b SOLD
:rocket: Nyx ME9 Kit - 1.1b (1 available now)
:rocket: Wyvern ME10 Kit - 450m (3 available now)
:rocket: Aeon ME8 Kit - 400m SOLD

BPC Packs
:department_store: Keepstar BPC Component Pack - 2,370 runs of ME10 TE18 structure component BPC’s - 2b (saves over 4b compared to using ME8 kit) (x1 available on contracts)

Rare Items

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Extremely Rare Mobile Refinery Operation Skillbook (removed from the game in 2004) still injectable. - 5b obo or trade for something interesting. image

Mail me an offer for bulk purchases on any of the above, the more you want, the better the price ill accept.

I’ll offer you 1B

Take 25b for a Nyx BPO 8/12? If so contract to this toon - Cheers

Sorry if I didnt answer all of your offers on the supercap BPO’s, I got a lot more than expected and they sold quick, just the ME8 ones left.

Contract a Nyx BPO to me for 25b if you want

I’ll take a Nyx ME 8 BPO if you’ll take 26b.


Adjusted BPC prices to below current market


Let me know if the Nyx sale doesn’t work out :wink:

Nyx BPO Sold.

any more carrier /dred /fax bpos coming?


If you still have the vendetta BPC, Ill take it, not the kit though

Do you still have the Hel BPO?