RofG is now recruiting

(Alexsander Glazkov) #1

We aren’t a new corp but we are new do knowing what we want to do. So if you enjoying mining and industry and want to be part of a small community come join us. We are newbro friendly and happy to help you learn.

What we have:
/ Regular USTZ fleet mining operations
/ Profit from our ore buy program
/ Community of players from various mmo’s and backgrounds
/ PvP through an NPSI community in Orvolle

What we’re looking for:
/ Miners
/ Manufactures
/ Haulers
/ Veteran and New Players

Our current goal is to set up and fund our own station.

(Alexsander Glazkov) #2

We are still recruiting. Please let me know if you are interested

(Alexsander Glazkov) #3

We are still looking for miners, manufactures, and haulers

(Alexsander Glazkov) #4

We still need people

(Alexsander Glazkov) #5

We still need pilots of all skill lvls

(Alexsander Glazkov) #6

Still recruiting miners and industrialists

(system) #7

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