Rogue Drones Jovian Upgrade Saga

so given the current events in game, the deathless has made a new generation of war clones and is hacking into Jove Tech I was wondering if we could see a small arch or event at some point where there is a clash between a group who has access to Jovian Tech (maybe deathless maybe not) and Rogue Drones

my thought for this would be a fun little event using the invasion mechanics, where the idea is instead of battling for control over a solar system if the Rogue Drones win they get an upgrade.

if they win they would create a new generation of Rogue Drones which would send out a software update across the universe effecting pochven and basically anywhere Rogue Drones can be found.

this could possibly lead to appropriate mini arcs with Rogue Drones and Triglavians
as the triglavians observe the upgrades from the drones they analyse the new technology.

this could also work for separate arc where edencomm asks the empires for funding to develop new technologies to defend against triglavians.

I’m not sure what the long term meta plot is outside of the deathless and integration of war clones and vanguard development, but i figured this would be a cool thing to experience.

if each of the suggested arcs is broken down into 4 month slots with each month having some kind of relevant sub plot that’s a years worth of content for the main server

Group X vs Rogue Drones
Rogue Drones vs Triglavians
Triglavians Vs Edencomm

just thought i’d throw it out there.

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