RonUSMC for CSM 16

How did I start in Eve?

I followed a group of people from a thread on Reddit to play a spaceship game. We formed a corp, Dreddit, and then a bit later an Alliance, TEST Alliance Please Ignore. I went along for the ride and I have been in TEST ever since. I take breaks every now and then to avoid total burnout, but play daily and hear the gripes of new players and old players alike. If you read Reddit, you might know me by my other name, Satan.

I am the only non-propoganda nullsec FC that talks about the war, politics, and tries to have a laugh while doing it. I am the only PAPI streamer, so expect tons and tons of random Imperium hate.

My main points will be content deniers. I feel that gatecamps, asset safety camping, pipe camping destroys more content than anything else in the game. Two or three times a week I have new players come to my channel and talk about how they can’t leave highsec. Every gate is camped and they lose more ships trying to just leave highsec than they do running missions or exploring. The common excuse is “This is Eve” … yes, but then why don’t the gatecampers ever lose any ships? It’s Eve for them as well.

  • Ganking needs a balance pass.
  • I am a UX Architect by trade and would love to throw out some sketches.
  • I despise players who feed on new players
  • I think stream sniping in highsec is an issue for new streamers

I a was the FC for Legacy SuperCarriers during M2 part 1 and lost a Levi in M2 part 2. I know wars and nullsec FCing. I have friends all around the game and have really enjoyed streaming it.

Of course you can find me on Twitch at


What makes asset safety camping a problem? It seems quite a bit more forgiving than the previous system of leaving the person’s assets in a station without docking access, prior to asset safety and Upwell structures entering the game.


I feel like this is a pretty large misrepresentation. Most low-traffic lowsec entrances do not have regular active camping (beyond the occasional lone gnosis). More serious camps become predictable and complacent, get baited and dunked from time to time. Hell, I’ve done it myself. Common camping spots are a consistent source of small-scale content.

Perhaps displaying information on the gates warning of recent kills on the other side is a less intrusive way of helping new players without damaging well-established game dynamics.

Many experienced players talking about factors that affect what content is on offer don’t mention gate/pipe/asset safety camping as being important. What makes you disagree with them?

While I’m sure you feel strongly about topics that affect areas like highsec and lowsec or smaller-scale content, what up-to-date practical experience and sources do you have with them that gives you authority in those areas?

What makes you better placed than the other nullsec coalition candidates (who share the benefit of a large voter base) to represent the game as a whole beyond your own playstyle?


To be honest, it seems you primarily want to remove content rather than create it. If there are no places you can catch an opponent and force a fight, how much content is going to take place in an open-world PvP game?

Piracy is content. Hunting Krabs is content. There needs to be ways to force fights, and create opportunities for escalation. All of these things are perhaps harder to do now then ever before after a decade of safety and wealth creep that CCP is only now starting to finally address and your vague ideas seem like they would make this worse.

Instead of virtue signaling with the “save the newbro” flag, perhaps you might have some concrete ideas on how to actually stoke some content to share? Because just making Eve safer because Newbros! doesn’t seem to me like a plan that will create more content, rather it will just make it easier to avoid conflict and result in less activity.

I’m sure there are some good ideas out there to make it easier for new players to ease into the game and learn how to mitigate risks, but it seems to me the bigger problems Eve is suffering from lately is that new players are being either being bored out of the game, or completely dominated by the economic advantage the established player class has over them. An advantage that new players can’t reasonable catch up to due to all the safety and wealth the established players enjoy.

So you have any real ideas to reduce the existing power gap or maybe create accessible content for new players joining the game?


When Mittani was screaming that he was going to throw us into a Wood Chipper and bury us in a pit … yes, I said he sounded like a hate preacher. His reply was he was “in character” and he was “roleplaying.” When a grown man starts yelling and talking about throwing people in wood chippers, roleplay or not, it is strange.

I never said anything about Germans, and you would NEVER be able to find a clip of it. That is so weird to say. I have never ever said such nonsense, but you will not produce a clip of it … because you guys make this stuff up. My favorite from the Imperium was “Ron is the worst thing that’s happened since FozzieSov”


I agree, it is better, but there is no counter.

It’s the same people camping day in and day out on a kickout station. There’s no counter besides bringing a big fleet so they dock up.


will you get mad and run to star citizen during the campaign?


If people were allowed to actually travel anywhere … they could go into lowsec and roam around, fight, do whatever … its better than just getting killed on a gate over and over.


of coarse there wont be a clip ron, thats the funny thing about twitch you as the streamer can delete the clips and vods - again, you show about as much honestly and integrity as i’d expect from a snake

i think you’d honestly be one of the worst picks but just my opinion maybe you can fool enough “newbros” into buying your lies and getting you in


Imagine being rude to a streamer for not streaming what you want him to. I’m allowed to stream whatever I want to stream.


I have cobra like reflexes. Did you know the Cobra is the fastest land animal?


imagine thinking I’d watch your stream while imagining throwing a hissy fit because daddy won’t srp your ship.



Warping to a proper instant undock or activating a jump-drive to a cyno while still in undocking invulnerability is the counter.

Or just use a hauling service.

You’re either deliberately misleading people who don’t know better or lacking core eve knowledge.


i’ve read this, twice.



I’ve read this, three times.



Gate campers are bottom feeders. This is a fact. If you are good at PvP, you could fight in small group vs small group; In losec, you cold fight in faction warfare against other groups. But no. You choose to kill off those who are new to the game, killing off people who can’t even get losec experience, because you want to use your epeen to make up for something you don’t have IRL. This is proven by the fact that, whenever you are faced with a reprisal, you cower in NPC stations until the threat goes away; then you pop up and camp the gates again.

So please, stop the arguments of “This is EVE” or “Git Gud”. You AREN’T good, which is why you play the way you do.


I couldn’t think of a more unsuitable candidate for CSM 16 than RonUSMC. You claim you’re the only non-propaganda nullsec FC that talks about the war. I’ve watched your streams Ron and they’re nothing more than hate sessions towards anyone that doesn’t share your opinions on different aspects of the game. At times I wonder why you even play Eve. You’ve also stated that if elected to the CSM you’ll do all you can to dismantle the big block alliances when currently you’re a part of the biggest blue doughnut Eve has ever seen.

I’ve sat and watched your stream chat and the amount of toxicity towards players outside your group is amazing. Going so far as to accuse members of the Imperium of criminal activities. All of which you seem to turn a blind eye to until a member from one of these group speak up in chat. Then they’re berated by you and your twitch followers. Called stupid, dumb, crazy and other foul names then you ban them. There is so much hate towards others in your streams that I wonder how you even qualify to be an Eve Partner.

I feel you have such a narrow view of Eve that if elected to the CSM you’d do more harm than good.


it was amusing watching ron complain on stream about the comments here and doubling down on how hes nuetral and no propaganda and linking this thread 3 times while calling on his viewers to stop the hateful goons trying to talk ■■■■

so, just 1 example here on top of the others i mentioned contesting that fake claim

oh and the little speech about how the only thing you hate is liars ron, thats you mate
oh and the other day when people were talking ■■■■ to you in local and your response was on stream “those people have mental issues”

right now in stream you made up that goons came into your stream saying racist things when you turned off your stream after losing a titan - this never happened and i’d love to see you provide proof of these accusations or this is once again more fabricated ■■■■■■■■ and drama

real class act


It would be quite obvious if you did any research that I’m the one killing the gate campers, not doing the gate camping.

Your also act like people can just undock and reliably find engaging small-scale fights by flying around space nowdays.

Pretty much. RonUSMC here has a super toxic personality. I couldn’t think of a more terrible CSM option. Don’t waste your vote on this guy who wants to destroy the type of content styles that he struggles with.