RonUSMC for CSM 16

And you presumably tell them that this is incorrect and find out what they are doing wrong?

I witnessed a few of those (events) and every time Ron gave the new player 100M when they arrived on grid. Meanwhile, Ron and everyone in chat was helping them with advice - at the end every single one of those players was happy and seemed to have had a great experience. The reason for that is simple:

  • They knew what to expect (every one was explicitly told what is likely to happen)
  • They didn’t lose ISK (very likely made more than would have been possible to make otherwise)
  • Experienced a side of EVE they would not have seen for months (if not years)
  • … and in process learned a bunch of details about EVE that will serve them well.

One of those players got zapped (in his shuttle) by the DD of the Keepstar in T5Z - the player was quite happy to have seen all of that.
It is great to see a new player navigate the maze that is EVE and on their own make it to one of the most contested spaces. In fact it is so much fun that I sent ISK to one of those folks as well - I think it was the one who got DD-ed by the Keepstar.

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How do you plan on being a CSM if you cant stand anyone saying anything unaligned with your view without instantly banning them? By representing only your friends and your own interests? You cant even handle a forum discussion… Dont you think we should vote for people who actually know how to talk with the community and not just their intimate friends circle?


I’m starting to get confused over which one of the many Ron’s in this thread we’re voting for…?


Do you guys realize I have Imperium moderators? They can do whatever they want and I wont question them.

Like the Goon yesterday that was calling everyone names… His “opinion” was that PAPI was going to lose and live in low sec, and if I disagree’d with his opinion and banned him, I didn’t deserve the CSM." Then that translates to “unaligned with your views so you ban them.”

or the Goon that came in chat and said that I’m a reporter and not an FC, because I haven’t pinged for more than 20 fleets as told to him by relays, therefore I’m not a content creator and don’t belong on the CSM.

The Goon that came in chat and called me a nazi. That was his only point, he just wanted me to be aware of that.

Then I get people like this "@RonUSMC some of the **** you put up with is just ridiculous tho. Trolls happen on both sides, every coalition, but some of the guys who come here can take it too far. This is from someone who still considers himself a “gewn”

Did you see IndyCyno555 or whatever that was hating on me? That made me laugh.

This is propaganda from the Cheetah coalition and I’m on to you and your tricks. If the Cobra had arms and legs he would be master of the universe and we would be the ones dancing to flutes.

Emergent content is killing new players and not dying. Sorry, it isn’t. Eve is risk… if you have no risk through whatever weird mechanics you are using, it is not fair to all players involved.

That’s my point. It can’t be solved in game.

You are imperium. You aren’t here to vote for me, you are here to harass me and get others to feel the same as you do. Get your mission straight!

Guys, my stream has the word “meta” in the title every day now … so now I can say anything I want all the time, right? That was the excuse I always heard, “meta” is in the name… so now its in mine as well.

I always appreciate when Volta comes to my stream.

[2021-05-01 12:20:17] <+francis_mclean>
[2021-05-01 12:20:23] <+francis_mclean> better stream
[2021-05-01 12:21:08] <%RogueWraith909> @francis_mclean Seriously you're going to advertise another streamer in the chat while Ron is live... not cool bud.
[2021-05-01 12:22:09] Trying to ban francis_mclean..
[2021-05-01 12:22:09] BAN: francis_mclean {7y 245d}
[2021-05-01 12:22:09] [Info] francis_mclean is now banned from this channel.
[2021-05-01 12:22:09] MOD_ACTION: ronusmc (ban francis_mclean )

and then when they leave. Class act as always.

I don’t represent my own interests. I will even represent you, an Imperium member, if you have a valid concern.

You are a high sec ganker in goons right? I will even represent you if you have valid concerns.

Thank you loyal Imperium member. I just want you to know that all of us over here at Team RonUSMC want to wish you a happy and safe holiday weekend.

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That’s complete ■■■■■■■■ and untrue. Mechanics and resources exist for you to counter people camping. Are you too dumb or lazy to use these mechanics and resources? Cause that what this sounds like… You just can’t be bothered because you don’t feel like you should have to. You shouldn’t be forced into gameplay that you don’t want to you because all you care about is your fake chessboard in nullsec.

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Case in point . (oh hes criticizing me must be goons)

You literally have no arguments on anything just turn to uh grr goons.

I have nothing to do with goons, and if you did just the slightest research you would instantly figure out who I am. but as always you never do any research you just draw conclusions straight out of your backdoor. I truly hope the CSM doesn’t have to have you in it as it would instantly drop 30 IQ points across the board.


Hes both :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your vote, see you soon!

Thank you for your vote, see you soon!

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No I think you misunderstand. You in fact do not have my vote. You are actually the last person that needs to be representing the community simply based off that fact that because something is inconvenient for you, therefore it must be nerfed or removed.



To Be honest Ron I think you make most of this stuff up just to push your twisted agenda and Grrr Goons. As I’ve said before I’ve been watched your stream for months now and I’ve seen very little if any of what you claim. Take your stream from May 04, 2021, for example, Twitch Around the 30 minute mark, you start to claim that members of the Imperium are threatening you in the chat and you tell them “you guy don’t need to keep threatening me every day”. Now I went over that part of you stream a few time and from the 20 minute mark to the 31 minute mark I don’t see anyone making comments in the chat that would be considered a threat towards you. I see a lot of Goon hate in the chat but no one is threatening you.

So, is this what we can expect from you as a CSM member? To lie and make stuff up?


I have a valid concern: I dont want someone as thin skinned and as incapable of handling criticism as you to be representing us in the CSM.

Please do something about that!

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you didnt reply to what i said at all, you can go and kill them but you dont, there is risk to them if you actually go out and attack them

eve is never meant to be fair lmao

its not cant, you just wont

CSM are supposed to be a select representation of people who will help ccp move eve forward, eve is fundamentally a game based on emergent content and social interaction. As such, people should be very weary of candidates who run on a platform that involves removing emergent content just because they dont personally like it

you are currently one of these people Ron