RonUSMC for CSM 16

Yes, it’s an issue. If sitting perfectly safe all day and just killing ships is carebearing, that’s exactly what they do. Look at any of the asset safety stations and you can see people that lose a single ship every month… but kill 20-40 a day. That’s not risky. Campers might even be the biggest carebears of all time.

I’ve been playing this game for 11 years. I’m one of the founders of TEST. I take breaks from the game pretty consistently. I never said I was quitting the game … ever. I took a break because the toxicity directed towards me was not worth the trouble.

lol. I dont have a Molok and my birthday is in January.

Then would you come and talk to me on my YT channel? it only has 5 subs, but the point of recording it is so people can decide for their own if they agree or disagree with you or myself.

Also just wanted to say thanks for your service, I didn’t know you are an IRL vet.

I see the point you’re making but maybe… maybe they can operate the way they do is because they are at the top of the food chain in that particular area?

My point is that if you want to stop them, then solve it in game. Don’t cry to CCP to fix a player interaction when you can solve it if you cared enough.


You say so many wild and crazy things on your stream Ron who can remember them all and I don’t recall saying you were bad at this game.


so go and kill them then, the point of eve is emergent content interacting with other emergent content

if everyone was running on a campaign to get rid of peoples playstyles that they personally dont like then there would be zero point playing this game


I don’t know where you got the idea that the Cobra is the fastest land animal from, but it doesn’t even sound logical. Cheetah at 70 mph? Ostrich at 70?

Cobra goes 12 mph, making it the fastest snake.

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I say hes terrible at the game :slight_smile:

Just cause you’ve played a game for a longer time and are a founding member of Test gives you 0 creds as to being good at the game, being knowledgeable or anything else.

And from this thread I’ve seen no evidence of either from you.


Honestly idk why ya’ll are fighting here and not ingame lmao

you’re also full of ■■■■ and the most cringe ‘streamer’ in the game (if you can call what you do streaming)


Hey Ron, I’ve been playing for around 11 years also and I’ve never been related to any NS entity but I’ve been following EVE talk shows and news for a long time as well as your twitch channel. It’s hard to doubt your character and I’ve never seen anything but respect and empathy coming from your side. You definitely have my vote. I believe you would be a very good representative for the EVE community. It’s unfortunate you have that much toxicity (and outright lies) coming to you, we know those are very vocal but fortunately not the majority of the EVE player base.

Good luck!

Ron seems to be a favourite for the “people with no post or kb history” demographic.


This is a very good argument you make. Very related to CSM.
Well, it’s an alt. o7

edit: Also, it might be a little signal that the opposition is so annoying and toxic that people prefer not to use their mains to be targeted.

Blockquote I am the only non-propoganda nullsec FC that talks about the war, politics, and tries to have a laugh while doing it. I am the only PAPI streamer, so expect tons and tons of random Imperium hate.

All you do is propaganda, didn’t even know you were an FC lol… (are you really?).
Thought you were just the guy that keeps calling us nazi’s on stream while sitting in a cloaked Ares.
You’re also not the only Papi streamer…
There are plenty non-propaganda talks with actually Papi FC’s on pando’s FC talk show.

Just seems like you want to enforce YOUR rules on other people, lowsec gates shouldn’t be safe… newplayers get plenty of popup msgs to warn them about the dangers.
If fights only can happen OFF gate consensually, it wouldn’t be EVE anymore.

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Though all my time of watching Ron I have never heard him call Goons ‘Nazis’ since you say he keeps calling you nazi’s you got a clip or something?
Who are the other Papi streamers that stream consistently?


And you presumably tell them that this is incorrect and find out what they are doing wrong?

I witnessed a few of those (events) and every time Ron gave the new player 100M when they arrived on grid. Meanwhile, Ron and everyone in chat was helping them with advice - at the end every single one of those players was happy and seemed to have had a great experience. The reason for that is simple:

  • They knew what to expect (every one was explicitly told what is likely to happen)
  • They didn’t lose ISK (very likely made more than would have been possible to make otherwise)
  • Experienced a side of EVE they would not have seen for months (if not years)
  • … and in process learned a bunch of details about EVE that will serve them well.

One of those players got zapped (in his shuttle) by the DD of the Keepstar in T5Z - the player was quite happy to have seen all of that.
It is great to see a new player navigate the maze that is EVE and on their own make it to one of the most contested spaces. In fact it is so much fun that I sent ISK to one of those folks as well - I think it was the one who got DD-ed by the Keepstar.

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How do you plan on being a CSM if you cant stand anyone saying anything unaligned with your view without instantly banning them? By representing only your friends and your own interests? You cant even handle a forum discussion… Dont you think we should vote for people who actually know how to talk with the community and not just their intimate friends circle?


I’m starting to get confused over which one of the many Ron’s in this thread we’re voting for…?