"Root certificate is self signed and not trusted

Ï have used the download Eve for windows twice, both times it went like this,
I play for a little bit, opening and closing the game a few times, and then all of a sudden I get a pop up saying something along the lines of “Root certificate is self-signed and not trusted”

The first time it happened I had tried clicking to close the tab (opens again immediately) ignoring it (hard because I can properly minimus it) and fixing it (didn’t do anything)

SO I meticulously remove Eve files from my device and try again a few months later, and the process repeats, this time without the fix button.so I wiped it again.

what do I do? is there a specific place the files have to go or?

Is the launcher or the game itself causing the trouble? A tab is part of a browser…
Probably you’ll find better knowledge here: EVE Launcher - EVE Online Forums

I didnt see anything that is similar to my problem, want me to attempt to recreate the bug?

We’re not support here, but fellow players who help newbros to find career agents in game or how to find a disappeared overview…

The tech pros are more likely to be addressed in the forum part mentioned above, or you directly file a report to CCP via launcher.

thanks for trying anyway

I am not sure exactly what’s going on but it may not have anything to do with Eve, given the text of the error.

These days, SSL encryption on the web is basically standard. Everyone is doing it, pretty much. In order to use SSL encryption, the server and the client (the client being you) use a private and public key from what is called a certificate. The client gets the public key, and the server uses the private key, which it keeps private. To ensure a certificate is authentic, it is signed by a “Certificate Authority”.

The certificate authority can be anyone and the certificate will still work, technically, but browsers have a list of certificate authorities that they trust to avoid anyone pulling shenanigans by trying to pretend to be a domain’s legitimate content when they’re not. Those on this list may sign their own certificates, or a certificate for anyone else, and the browser will accept it. The error you’re getting indicates you’re receiving a certificate that was not signed by any recognized authority. The launcher, being basically some kind of embedded web browser to the best of my knowledge, could also trigger this message.

I think it is most probable that whatever browser the launcher is using has an outdated list of certificate authorities, or is otherwise not able to get that list from wherever it sources it. The alternative is that someone is spoofing the domain name for Eve and redirecting your connections to illegitimate servers that you shouldn’t be connecting to anyway, hence the warning.

I know this does little to nothing to solve the problem, but it is my sincere hope that by having a better understanding of what the problem is you might have better luck finding a permanent solution.


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