Roqual indu core

How long do you have to stand in the Belt with a Roqual to mine only 1 of the drones again?
4 hours…
How long do you have to be in the Belt to mine all 5 drones?
20 hours
Plus another 12 hours for the Roqual itself.
That means you stand 32 hours in the Indu core in the field …
For large corps / alliances that have capital ships and fleets, it shouldn’t be a problem to mine with the Roqual again.
But for small corps / alliances that cannot fend off a 40 man fleet, it means the loss of the mining ship.
What are the chances that I will not be attacked within the 32 hours I need to mine the Roqual again while I am in the indu core for 5 minutes?
The industrial core should be reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes so that even in a smaller alliance / corp you have the chance to escape an attack in time without losing everything.

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fly safe o7

I don’t have a rorqual but I’m pretty sure this isn’t how it works

CCP doesnt want you to escape. Thats the WHOLE point. They want you to LOSE isk because hyper alliences have thousands of rorquals mining every day. You will never see rorquals get a buff again to survivability. It will all be nerfs from here on out. I mean where have YOU been?

This is goons. they make 4.5 TRILLION isk a month mining. SO unless you join goons and make 20 rorqual miners dont expect to ever make money mining again.

i stand in the belt sometimes… i know what i mean

But still the smaller corps and alliances have bigger problems than the bigger ones …

Then maybe you shouldn’t be using rorquals.

Making the rorqual safer just benefits the large alliances too.


I know … but even with 5 min Indu core, the larger ones are safer than the small ones and can compensate for losses better.


so the bigger alliances have less probelms then small alliances … what the news? everyone could tell you that befor your calculations …

its so easy with your rorqal … if you cant defend it … dont use it …


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And the big alliances are getting bigger and bigger


you want to change tht with a indy core change on the rorqal? really?


So that the little ones get bigger and new powers form … Yes

There is an old quote that applies here.

“Whenever a mechanics change is proposed on behalf of ‘new players’, that change is always to the overwhelming advantage of richer, older players.”

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well … mining under a capital shield brings you a huge advantage anyway … let’s just call it a half-way acceptable accommodation for smaller players


well … i htink this change would not bring a huge change to anything … at least it doesnt sound like a “now its better for evryone” thing

just safe it under “not my smartest idea” and go back to orca mining with Augmented mining drons in HS


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You neither live in the 0.0 nor you probably live in a roqual.
I think you get involved in a topic that you haven’t really dealt with yet ^^


well … you say every 32 hours rorq mining is a new rorq with drones (and the rest of the fit?)
what you complain about … thats really cheap … if you lose one … ok … who cares … if you cant defnd it … dont field it …
the change you talking about doesnt make a huge difference
this mechanic was brought to get more rorqs killed because there are so many

dont undock in a ship you cant afford to lose
if it is a frig or a rorq dosent matter … you can lose it … so only use it if you can bring a new one …

no i dont life in a rorq … i dont have one … i dont need it … its not EVEs fault your corp/alliance cant defend you … goons can … thats why the have like 10.000 rorq miners …

same goes for carrier and super ratters … they lose some of there ships … you should only grab a Nyx for ratting if you have a 2nd one or at least the isk for it …

this is kind of stupid ranting about a game mechanic witch is in place for very serious reasons …


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Just 12 hours? lol. Nerf Rorqual.


12 hours indu cor modus

thank you for your better wisdom. The main thing is that your business is right? :wink:
talk to me about it as soon as you know this way of playing.

I ask everyone who does not live in the 0.0 … or does not fly roqual … or do not deal with this topic do not write anything in here.