RORQ pilot for sale <3
PW 123
pos sec stat
Positive Wallet
npc corp
Bonus Remaps: 1
No kill rights
Located in Jita
i will use plex for the transfer so it might take a while
I would like to get a decent sum for it so no b/o set whoever bids the highest shall win GL GL
starting bid none :smiley: but please no trolls :smiley:
this auction will be so long q.q
Starting bid 15B
B/O 20B

bumperino :D?

8B offered

a new day a new bump

can do 8.5 for tonight if youre game

Guys it has 13.7m sp how tf u expect to buy a focused rorq with 8b? Also check the name, from now in every troll bid would be considered a free bumb

its all t1 with lvl 4 in rorq skills put a starting bid then maybe you will get a touch more? send me a mail maybe we can work something out

9b,i can provide now


9.8b bid

10b is max

the auction shall continue

14b b/o,it’s a fair price

i feel my heart bump thump bump

do u accept price?

17b offer

send isk and account info in game @ jonathan

isk and account info sent

ticket submited to ccp

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